Sweet Cinnamon Omelette

By Amy Crawford

Post edited February 2016*

A sweet breakfast omelette you say? Oh yes, I say!

Those that know me will know that I am not renowned for an infrequent use of words, written or otherwise. Quite the opposite in fact. But this white space is staring back at me, pressuring me to fill it with enticing, thought provoking, witty and wise words. So I'm going to do what I'm really comfortable doing and for my very first blog post I'm going to have a quick chat about a favourite protein source and share a recipe.

Let me make one thing really clear - I am mad for eggs** (or "magic bullets" as I now affectionately call them) and they were a huge part of my recovery - it was two eggs/day for me for a good 12 months. Eggs are an essential part of both detoxification and a healthy diet.  They are nature's perfect food containing every nutrient except Vitamin C. They sustain you for hours and they assist with weight control. Oh the fun I've had with eggs. Anyway, let's get 'cracking' and kick off with what has undoubtedly become my signature dish

I have made this sweet breakfast omelette so many times I could make it in my sleep. I tired quickly of poached , scrambled & hardboiled - don't get me wrong, they do have their place - but when eggs are an essential part of your daily diet you have to get creative. Once I got comfortable with this I started getting a bit nifty and throwing in all sorts of things. I'll share some alternatives with you later.

You'll need:
2 eggs
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon (don't hold back, add more if you love it!)
2 or 3 drops vanilla essence or pinch of vanilla powder to taste
1 heaped teaspoon (approx.) of sweetener to taste (e.g. maple syrup, honey, rice malt syrup or pinch of Stevia)
Pinch of salt
1 heaped teaspoon coconut oil

(See alternative additions including my very favourite, cacao, below)

Pop a small omelette pan on the stove on medium to high heat.

Beat or whisk the eggs. If time permits use a beater, the fluffier they are the fluffier the 'om' but if you’re in a hurry a fork or a whisk will suffice I promise. Once fluffy (a minute or 2 with an electric beater will suffice), mix in remaining ingredients (bar the coconut oil). 

Add coconut to the warm pan. Once hot, pour in the mixture. As with any omelette the trick is to wait for the sides to go firm then slowly pull in the mixture to the centre with a spatula, letting the remaining runny mixture run back to the sides. Keep doing this around the pan until there is little runny egg mixture left. It’ll probably take a couple of minutes if the pan is warm enough. Flip the omelette over and give the other side one to two minutes.

Turn the cooked omelette out onto a plate and pop whatever deliciousness your heart desires on top. My fave is a heaped dessert spoon of full fat, natural greek yoghurt spread along one end and topped with a small handful of berries. Roll it up and savour the heavenly goodness.

Alternative additions:

Chia seeds – throw a dessert spoon into the mix – it gives it a heartier texture.
LSA or ground flaxseed – as above, I typically always throw in a dessert spoon of one of these two.
Dried/dessicated coconut – mix through the egg mixture for a coconutty delight.
Coconut cream– straight out of the fridge, for a tasty alternative to yoghurt.
Real, double cream – a decadent dessert-like treat for those non-lactose intolerant types.
Cacao - add a heaped teaspoon, or more for a decadent chocolatey om - see my chocolatey goodness below! 

Healthy breakfast omelette

If you've made this recipe do please share your thoughts. What's your favourite version? 


* This sweet breakfast omelette recipe was not only the hero of the first blog post I ever wrote BUT it quickly became my signature dish. It has been recreated time after time after time - know that that is for good reason folks!
** I learnt in 2015 that I was mildly intolerant to eggs via a food intolerance test. They are now therefore a more rare treat in my diet.



October 29 2012

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