Spicy Sprouted Quinoa, Apple & Kale Salad

By Amy Crawford

Makes: 1 large salad (or two smaller sides).

Well as many 'instagrammers' would know I've recently acquainted myself with sprouting. I've put the process off for so long having no idea where to start (as my friend Sappho can attest - thank you Sappho for being my question target!).

Firstly though, why to sprout? There are three very good reasons that you too should start this very satisfying little exercise:

  • It activates the enzymes in the food
  • It increases vitamin content and;
  • It neutralizes anti-nutrients which are otherwise very difficult for us to digest.

That's all you need to know for now because this is not a "how to..." or "why to..." sprout post. But maybe that's an idea for another day. Here's a photo of my happily sprouted quinoa in any case.

Yesterday I made up a brand new recipe to make the most of the truckloads of sprouted goodness in the fridge. It was seriously tasty, full of all sorts of superfood goodness and a crunch factor to boot (essential in almost any meal I make).

You'll need:
1/2 cup sprouted quinoa
1/4 to 1/2 grated apple
1 big handful of shredded raw kale
1 dessert spoon activated raw & ideally activated almonds (roughly chopped)
1 dessert spoon pumpkin seeds
1 dessert spoon sunflower seeds
1 dessert spoon ground flaxseed or LSA
1 dessert spoon goji berries
1 crushed garlic clove
1/4 teaspoon powdered ginger
1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper
1 dessert spoon macadamia or olive oil
1 dessert spoon lemon juice
Salt and pepper to taste

In a small cup mix the ginger, cayenne, garlic, salt and pepper, lemon juice and oil. Throw all other ingredients into a bowl and drizzle over the dressing, combining well. Great as a side salad or simply on its own. I can imagine grilled haloumi or chicken would be a very tasty addition. Enjoy!



November 29 2012

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