Eleven of the Best Cookie Recipes

By Amy Crawford

Cranberry Macadamia Cookies Recipe

If ever there was a blog post you needed to bookmark or pin for a Sunday baking sesh, methinks this is the one. Here we have a hand picked selection of cookie recipes for the lover of a 'healthyfied' cookie.

Of course I'll not take full credit for this selection given I've called upon some of the best healthy chicks in the business to compile this crunchy array.

In no particular order I bring to you your afternoon tea, with special thanks to the clever ladies who not only created these recipes but also provided their ever so pretty photos.

1. Cranberry and Macadamia Cookies (pictured above)

Find this beautiful looking recipe by Becomingness, right here. 

2. Tiny People - Cookies for Kids! 

This super simple recipe by Yours Truly. Great for the little AND big kids in your life. You'll find these guys here.

Cookies for kids

3. Paleo Greek Almond Biscuits

Another mighty fine recipe by The Merrymaker Sisters!

Paleo Greek Almond Biscuits

4. Chocolate Chip Cookies

Seriously, how good does that melted choc look? Thanks awfully to Well Nourished for the most nourishing of choc chip cookies!

Choc Chip Cookie Recipe

5. Coconut Caramel Chocolate Fudge Cookies

If I could lick that caramel choc fudge off the top right now, I so would! Thanks to MummyMadeit for the recipe!

Coconut Caramel Chocolate Recipes

6. Pink in the Middle Lemon Cashew Cookies

By Yours Truly. You'll find this (much easier than you think) recipe right here.

Lemon Cashew Cookies Recipe

7. Pecan and Maple Biscuits

Can't you just imagine dunking a couple of these into your cuppa right now? I can. Thanks to Salus Southern Highlands for your dunk worthy recipe!

Pecan Maple Biscuits

8. Low Fructose Choc Chip Cookies

The Merrymaker Sisters making a second appearance (there's two of them after all). Herewith their melty chocolatey cookie recipe.

Low Fructose Choc Chip Cookie Recipe

9. Super Simple Paleo Choc Chip Cookies

Because who can get enough choc chip in their life? No one! Thanks to My Food Religion for this uber easy recipe!

Paleo Choc Chip Cookie Recipe

10. Macadamia Ooh Ahh Biscuits

This is ideally one for the dehydrator and totally rates a mention given it's THREE ingredient list! Thank you Slim Birdy for your super simple and gorgeous recipe!

Three ingredient Macadamia Cookies

11. ANZAC Ice Cream Sandwiches

No one need wait for ANZAC Day because these beauties deserve an inclusion in every single month of the year! Thank you Oh My Goodness for your ice-cream-dribbling-down-our-arms recipe!

Icecream Sandwich Cookies

Well then, this gorgeous array should keep your ovens warm and taste buds satiated for some time don't you think? Feel free to forward this selection on to the cookie bakers in your life, or pin it to your healthy food board so it'll never be forgotten!

Don't forget to share any or all feedback in the comments below, they are always hugely appreciated.



May 09 2016

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