Our 4 most viewed recipes, of all time.

By Amy Crawford

If there's one of our newsletters that would be handy to keep filed in a safe place, this is probably it. A recap of the best of the best from the THI. It covers the full spectrum - vegan, gluten free, refined sugar free and intolerance friendly. Enjoy our year in pictures below. These are the recipes you've absolutely loved! 

1. The Worlds Best Gluten Free Blueberry Bagel Recipe. (<- click on the links to get the recipes! Pictured above).

2. Amy's Deliciously Vegan & Nut Free Chocolate Birthday Cake.

3. Cranberry & Pistachio Quinoa Bars - A look into our brand new eBook!
Check out our eBook 'A Nourishing Morning' for more.

4. Thai Coconut Fish Tacos

Remember, if you go away and make any of these, be sure to take a pic and #theholisticingredient on Instagram. 

Any suggestions on the first recipes to kick off 2015 folks? What do you need to see more of from THI?



January 13 2015

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