Why nourishing Wilson (with crap free food) is just as important as nourishing myself (+ an AWESOME GIVEAWAY)

By Amy Crawford

As you know it was my 4 legged best friend's birthday last Friday (that being Wilson the labradoodle). In light of that and my appreciation for the joy and healing 4 legged friends bring into our lives (his arrival into my life was hugely significant in so far as my own recovery), I've decided to share an interview with said furry friend about his very favourite 100% organic, crap free dog food. Now some of you may be questioning why I'd be sharing a dog food post (again) on my website - with it's focus on 'whole foods, clean living and boundless energy'. In fact that tag line should say it all.  The simple fact is Wilson is my family (and only 'child') and making sure he is well nourished and in good health is just as important to me as looking after myself. I know many of you will understand this sentiment. 

Let me preface this post by saying that when I adopted Wilson into my life I was determined that he would grow up eating a highly varied, predominantly raw food diet. Unfortunately the poodle in him has since made it difficult for me to feed him this way (he is super duper fussy, like leaves warm sausages on the ground and walks away kinda fussy). So instead I've gone about finding the very best quality dry food that I can muster. 

So here we have it, an interview with Wilson, who tells us why he loves his favourite dried dog food by Nature's Gift, as much as he does.

"We started with a passion, to create Australia's first certified organic single serve dog food!" - Nature's Gift.

THI: Welcome to THI Wils! We wanted to start with a topic that THI holds dear, organic food and we reckon it's just as important for dogs. Can you tell us why?

Wilson: Woof! Yes, of course I can. Organic food is grown and processed without nasty chemicals, antibiotics, hormones, preservatives or GMO's making it super healthy and nourishing for my body. I like organic food because it's also sustainable and eco friendly - we have to look after our environment if we want to play in it guys!

THI: So Wils, what is your favourite organic dog food brand? 

Wilson: Nature's Gift is dog gone good. They're Australian made and only use human grade meat products in their products which is great news for a 'human' like me. They also add premium vitamins and minerals to their mix to keep me healthy and there are no artificial colours or preservatives in their recipes. It's 70% good quality meat and 30% veggies, that's it. What's good for mum is good for me I say (break to lick Mum's face).

THI: Can you tell us what you think of the taste?

Wilson: Mum knows I'm super fussy, so I think she was surprised when she introduced me to my new favourite dry dog food and I licked my bowl across the floor. Some dog food makes me feel a bit sensitive in my tummy, but not this one. My digestive system is really happy. Maybe because it is entirely wheat free. I especially like the Kangaroo mini treats too, so much incentive for me to be good! 

THI: What does it look and smell like?

Wilson: Great question! Nature's Gift really doesn't look like your conventional canned dog food. It's made from whole food ingredients so actually looks like WHOLE food (not processed mush!). No bulking agents or fillers either. The aromas that come from that bag of treats mum hides in her cupboard are drool worthy (but she darn well keeps that cupboard firmly shut..all the time).

THI: Speaking of smell, Nature's Gift uses garlic in their mix. What do you think of this?

Wilson: Look, I know you humans think I'm a smelly dog, but seriously it's not from my garlic consumption! Gosh! I want to tell you that garlic can:

- Detoxify the body through the killing of bad bacteria
- Reduce blood pressure
- Ward off worms and intestinal parasites
- Improve circulation helping my doggie friends who suffer from arthritis
- Develop and strengthening the immune system
- Repel fleas.

Garlic has been used for thousands of years for medicinal purposes. It certainly worked for Sako (the Guinness World Record’s Oldest Living Dog) that was fed a diet of Nature’s Gift (with garlic) every day!

See, mum's not the only one who knows about healthy foods! Being a THI dog means I know about health too!

THI: What other benefits have you seen, Wilson?

Wilson: My coat is very fluffy and shiny, I feel amazing - bounds of energy to chase balls all day. And every time I catch a glimpse of my reflection in my dog bowl I notice the handsome twinkle in my eye.. woof.

THI: Where can your pooch friends buy Nature's Gift, Wils?

Wilson: Woolworths! And some local Australian independent food stores too. Check out the stockists here. Or why not buy online and get delivered straight to your door?


Today we have 2 free range organic prize packs to give away (each valued at $189.95), to allow your special friend to trial the benefits and taste of Natures Gift for themselves. 

Each hamper contains:



Number of Packs

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Simply tell us in 50 words or less in the comments below why making the switch to organic and high quality dog food is the right decision for your dog. Competition drawn COB Tuesday 24 March. 

* This is a sponsored post. Please know that we will only ever recommend products and services that we believe will add value to the lives of our subscribers & their furry friends.



March 20 2015

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