The top ten healthy (and sweet) Christmas recipes going around.

By Amy Crawford

Well far out brussels sprout, here we are again; doors adorned with wreaths, Christmas trees sighing with the sheer weight of years of accumulated decorations, credit cards screaming for mercy, belts threatening to tighten with every festive occasion we can possibly squeeze in (before what sometimes feels like the end of the world AKA Christmas Day). How can it be that we got here this fast (and how many times do we say those words, year after year!?)?

Well fast it was and as with every other Christmas I'm sure many of you are going at it with the very best of culinary intentions.  This year you're going to avoid the hangover, the fatigue, the brain fog, all the discomfort that comes with overindulgence, yes? Well whatever the case, if you're going to overindulge and even if you're not, why not do it well and feed your body some goodness at the same time.

Today I've hand picked ten healthy Christmas recipes to help inspire your Christmas menus and fill your festive tables. To assist in this rather scrumptious array of recipes, I've called in some big guns of the healthy food scene because goodness knows there's some festive love to be shared amongst this lot. I've also snuck a couple of my own recipes in, recipes that've been taste tested by me that many times I KNOW they're good. Grab your pens and paper folks, it's time to plan a sweet, sweet Christmas.

Full credit for all photos goes to the owner of the recipe/website - all links to the recipes and their websites within.

1.   Pumpkin Ginger Spice Granola

By I Quit Sugar

Your Christmas breakfasts never looked so good, thanks to the one and only sugar-free experts, the I Quit Sugar team. I'm not sure you need resign this jar of crunch to your breakfast bowls either, I'm foreseeing some good afternoon snackage.

Here's the recipe. Go nuts, literally. 

Pumpkin spiced granola

2.   Raw Vegan Maqui Berry Cheesecake

By Nourishing Hub (and The Holistic Ingredient)

The easiest, most scrumptious and prettiest raw cheesecake the eye ever did see, I've made this many times and for good reason folks! The recipe was provided to me by the Nourishing Hub folks and then tweaked here and there for the effect you now see.

Full recipe and eye candy can be found here.

Maqui berry cheesecake

3.   Raw mango and passionfruit summer celebration cake

By Ascension Kitchen

Well you can most certainly ascend to heaven (pun most certainly intended) when you make and devour this incredibly beauty by Lauren Glucina. This cake will bring you joy, joy to every one of your senses, of that I feel sure. 

Full recipe and sensory overload can be found here. 

4.   Gingerbread bliss balls

By Jules Galloway

Christmas surely ain't christmas without gingerbread, in whatever delightful package it comes. Jules tells us these are 'whipupable' (full creative license allowed on one's own website of course) in 20 mins flat. I'll bet they're equally as devourable, in 20 mins flat too.

Find the recipe to start bliss ball rolling folks, right here.

Gingerbread Bliss Balls

5.   Raw Christmas Mince Pies

By Rachaels Raw Food

Did someone say raw? Yes I tell you, someone DID! So ovens off people, utility bills unite, because today we've some pretty mince pies that'll have you grinning with every bite! (Yep, a tragic effort at rhyming it was but I'm excited, it's Christmas!). Thanks to my clever raw friend Rachael Campbell.

Go make and grin, right here.

Mince Pies

6.   Christmas gingerbread

By The Whole Daily

So I heard a rumour that Alice Nicholls from The Whole Daily likes things "sweet and spice and all things nice". That rumour is enough of a reason to share her delicious recipe as far as I'm concerned - if one's going to do gingerbread at Christmas one should do it NICE.. and TWICE! (see above bliss ball recipe of course).

So if you need a little more sweet and spice, look no further.


7.   Chocolate Christmas Panforte

By The Whole Daily

Now she's just showing off, two recipes in a row I hear you say?! Well Alice reckons this is "panforte-mageddon" and if that ain't a good recommendation I don't know what is. Alice even went on to say "when I took that first bite I was dying I tell you, D Y I N G." Enough said? I thought so too.

Go go get yourself some panforte-mageddon folks, right here.

Chocolate Panforte

8.   Gluten free Christmas Cake

By Becoming Ness

Well you can't exactly have Christmas without Christmas cake now can you and with recent regional island stays I've not had time to create my own this festive season.. But why reinvent the wheel I say, when Vanessa Vickery appears to have done a mighty fine job herself.

Let them eat cake. Right here.

Gluten free Christmas Cake

9.   Pink Grapefruit, Apple and Mint Granita

By The Holistic Ingredient (AKA me)

No festive season is complete without beverages, even if they are a little frozen. This one will have you cooling down in no time at all. For those of you who like a little extra 'somef'n somef'n' in your drinks, I'll just say this - "daiquiri" (but you didn't hear it from me).

No more words required. Go get an icecream headache, right here.


10.   Tahini Coconut Fudge

By The Brown Paper Bag

If a nutritionist such as Jacqueline Alwill tells me I should consume her Tahini Coconut Fudge, who am I to argue. This lady also happens to be a very nifty caterer so really..she oughta know what I should and should not consume. And anyway, just look at them! The mind boggles at their sheer beauty so imagine what it'll do when you EAT one!

Start drizzling folks, you'll discover the recipe here.

Now, it's not over yet folks. I've got the rest of your festivities covered, don't you worry. Herewith my TOP TEN SAVOURY healthy Christmas recipes. Hand picked by moi and crying out to be made..and devoured.



December 15 2015


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