How I tamed my frizzy hair and reclaimed my curls, naturally.

By Amy Crawford

Frizzy hair mask

Many years ago I gave up trying to tame my frizzy hair; where you've curls you've got frizz and when there's rain and humidity involved, you're fighting a losing battle. I decided instead to run with big messy hair, the 'just jumped out of bed' look, tousled and unkempt. Really it was simply a lucky and lazy excuse for barely having to style it. 

Prior to 2011, my adult hair was typically blonde, bleached within an inch of it's life every 8-10 weeks. One of the issues of bleaching curly hair is that it's already dry, so stripping it down with seriously harsh chemicals wreaks further havoc; curls need moisture to curl. Therefore, in order to keep my curly hair curly I used whatever hair products I could find that would put the moisture back in, oblivious to the toxic substances I was lathering on my scalp. 

See the photo below from 2009 with my niece Lily. This was the morning after my brother's wedding so know that it was laden with product to achieve that curl, but you'll note that it also looks very wiry and dry.

It's worth mentioning that irrespective of their toxic load, these products did their job - and it's why they sell - they (mostly) work. My hair is curly here, just the way I loved it.

Frizzy hair

But to what end?

Fast forward to 2011 and an appointment with my Doctor where I received some frightening results of toxicity readings off The Richter Scale (I was also chronically ill with chronic fatigue syndrome so we certainly knew something was terribly wrong).

One of the first questions my Dr asked of me was how often I was bleaching my hair. I then heard this: 

"So every 8-10 weeks you sit with your head in a sink whilst ammonia and other toxic chemicals leach through your scalp and into your you have any idea how bad that is for your health?"

Well no, I didn't. 

So began my education and a quickly expanding awareness of just how much control I DID have over toxic exposure in my life. The search for hair products and bleaches free of 'nasties' (ammonia, paraphenylenediamine, sulphates, parabens) began. I discovered an organic hair salon using a corn based bleach for the odd highlight you now see.

So too began the realisation that my curly hair may never be the same again, because retaining curls sans synthetic chemicals can be quite the challenge. As the years progressed I watched my curls dry out, flatten, straighten and all but disappear. One particular natural brand (which shall remain nameless) all but destroyed my hair, rendering it like straw. I was using natural shampoos, conditioners and hair masks, all of which appeared to be doing more damage than good.

Observe the next photo. This was taken in 2014 for website shots. If only you knew just how much product I had to put in my hair to get even that much curl and body. Beneath all of that, it was straw.

Frizzy hair remedy

So how then have I tamed my frizzy hair? 

My curly haired friends, there is light at the end of this long, dry and often frizzy tunnel! I've discovered a hair treatment product that IS restoring my curl (see following two 'after' shots) and its number one ingredient is coconut oil. It's called Coco Hair Repair Me by Cocobody, my hair's saving grace! 

A few months ago a local, Victorian based company Cocobody reached out and asked if I would consider trialing their 100% natural hair treatment with the view of sharing the product with my audience (I tried not to take that suggestion personally, in light of the state of my hair at the time..). Being that I am always looking for ways to tame and restore my locks I agreed to trial the product for 3 months. In the event of success I said that I would indeed be happy to share it.

Fast forward three months and voila (insert finger pointing towards below photo). I have used this product at least once a week, if not twice (in light of the condition of my hair) for a minimum of 30 minutes and on occasion over night (with a towel on my pillow). There will always be a little frizz but significantly for me I now have a LOT of curl - because there is moisture back in my hair.

Vanity aside, this is a very happy occasion and on behalf of my curls I am very happy to recommend this product. 

Frizzy hair be gone

So what is Coco Hair Repair me? 

It's an all natural, vegan product made up of coconut oil, Moroccan argan oil, macadamia oil and jojoba oil. Together they have worked wonders in so far as taming my frizz, restoring my curl and moisturising my scalp. You can read about the individual benefits of each oil on Cocobody's Repair me product page

So why not just use coconut oil?

A few years ago I blogged about the fact I was using 100% coconut oil as a hair mask and it felt good to be doing so, for a bit. However if truth be known I eventually ceased that process given I was having to shampoo my hair at least 3 times to get the oil out - this to me seemed to totally defeat the purpose. I've no idea what it is about Cocobody's combination of oils but it only requires 2 washes and my hair feels amazing, not heavy and limp as it can do after a pure coconut oil mask.

*Post edit: I forgot to mention how many applications I personally get from one packet. So far about 8-10, I use about at the most about a 50c piece worth. It will obviously depend on the length of your hair though. 

In case you're wondering what I am now using as a shampoo and conditioner, I have been trialing Cocobody's shampoo and conditioner since Easter and I guess the proof is in the pudding. 

If you're keen to give the Coco Hair Repair Me product a whirl, you can simply buy it online here. 


So what of other curly, frizzy haired friends in this community? What success or lack there of have you had with natural hair products? I'd love to hear any or all of your favourable or not so favourable experiences!

 Mask for frizzy hair


Please note, this is a sponsored post.  Do know that I will only ever share products or services on this website that I believe add value to the lives of this community. 





April 14 2016

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