"But where do 3am kebabs fit into this program?"

By Amy Crawford

So this is the question that my dear friend Andrew wrote in response to My Story (clearly I needn't worry about having to go in search for inspiration on writing posts - you can rely on your friends for that!) and it's a good question. Andy and I worked together in London in the late '90's/early 2000's, with a lot of expats at a big recruitment firm . We did a little bit of work but we had a whole lot more fun - Glastonbury Music Festivals, dance parties, long sunday lunches by the fire at the local, mid week all nighters in Covent Garden. Many of you are probably nodding "yep, me too, yep, did that too." Most of this of course we backed up with bacon & egg sarnies, kebabs and red bulls a plenty. And I didn't think twice about it. That was then.

My response to you Andy is the attached photo of my home made dinner last Saturday night. A sugar, gluten, additive & chemical free organic lamb burger topped with a tasty big dollop of garlic aioli & gluten free seeded bread (all thanks to my bible, the Supercharged Food cookbook by Lee Holmes, which you can buy here). Surely you'd take pleasure in tucking into this little mound of yummines??  My point therefore is that eating healthily doesn't need to be boring and you certainly shouldn't feel deprived. I am not a rabbit - I LOVE my food and it has to be tasty and varied and totally delicious. And often a little decadent. But it does have to be full of goodness and devoid of nasties.

Oh and Andy, I doubt very much you'd be out in search for a kebab at 3am these days anyway my friend!



October 31 2012

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