A Little Bit of Magic (One for the Reiki Sceptics)

By Amy Crawford

I was always the sceptic. If my logical brain couldn't find reason it was a rubbish idea - until I was hit over the head with CFS and became so completely and utterly miserable that I had no choice but to consider alternatives. That's when Reiki came into my world. For those new to Reiki, Reiki is based on the (scientifically proven) premise that there is Universal Life Energy in all-living things. Once 'attuned' a Reiki Practitioner becomes a receptacle for this universal life energy and is able to assist with healing on a mind, body and spirit level.

But I'm not here today to give you a tutorial on Reiki. What I would like to do is share with you a true story, something that happened to me only 3 months ago and totally restored my faith in magic.

Fully recovered I moved back from Tasmania in August 2012 to set up my life again. I had a nightmare of a few weeks trying to find a home for Wilson (dog) and I. It became a full time job with a tight deadline and lord was it stressful. Sure enough 2 days prior to 'D Day' I found my gorgeous little abode and it was picture perfect - a single fronted Victorian cottage with a brand new renovation. Flooded with natural light (top priority) I was ecstatic... until I went to bed that first night and was woken by an almighty CRACK followed by another almighty POP from the walls and roof. Things got worse over the next couple of nights, seriously worse. The sounds started at around 9.30pm and went sporadically all night from all ends of the house. The cracks were so loud (like fireworks) I had no chance of sleeping and was fast becoming a nervous wreck (any CFS sufferers will understand the anxiety forming). At 3am one morning I got out of bed totally beside myself. I started I googling and found I wasn't alone. It seemed my home had been restumped (poorly), was obviously unbalanced and was contracting and constricting in the cold night air. I read about people putting up with this for years, having homes re-stumped or selling up and moving on (envisage expletives and tears).

Five days in I called my Reiki Master (and yes, I remained just slightly sceptical). I asked Jo if she felt Reiki could 'cure' my home. Her response of course was yes. That very night Jo and I set about to quieten my new home - Jo from Sydney practising distance Reiki and me wandering around, placing my hands on the walls of every room thanking it for it's calm, peaceful environment, imagining us entertaining throughout summer, the house filled with friends and laughter and us living there in 2 years time. Finally I asked it to relax, settle down and get the last remaining cracks out of its system.

That night there was one crack. The following there was another. And then…nothing. My house went quiet. Three months in I am still there, sleeping like a baby relishing in the magic of my new awareness.

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November 04 2012

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