Sacking the Fun Police

By Amy Crawford

It occurred to me recently that I honestly couldn't remember the last time I belly laughed - and I mean sore tummy belly laughing. I feel so disappointed to admit this but I doubt I've belly laughed in at least two years, in fact I'd probably say three. That's quite sad I know but when fatigue makes it difficult to get the words out there's not much energy left over for laughing (and that's aside from the fact I clearly wasn't finding much to laugh at in my life).

That then got me thinking about the fun in my life (or lack there of) and a conversation I had with an incredible healer when I was down in Tassie over Christmas. Now let me just say that this special lady (Diane) is a very wise and intuitively gifted woman (she is in fact psychic). Diane told me that I had lost connection with my inner child and that my life had become all too serious  - something that needed to change, pronto. Now I wouldn't disagree with her sentiment at all. The last five years of my life have been tough going from many perspectives, the last the in particular. What little capacity my (temporarily) dysfunctional brain had within it was perpetually fixated on getting well and that has been all consuming (and frustratingly boring). I've had to exercise extreme discipline and control in diet and life in general (notwithstanding the fact that compulsory energy conservation ensured I did very little, ever).

Anyway. I'll cut to the chase. I was chatting to my very dear friend Lucy a few days ago around my need to reconnect with this long lost inner child and to start immersing myself in life again (namely the fun of it). My health has taken a fantastic turn (thanks again to Tassie Diane) and I'm ready to up the tempo and have a crack at that side-splitting laughing activity once again. Luce came back with the most fantastically simple idea that I'd love to share with you all - in the hope that you'll choose to join in on the fun.

What you will need: a friend or partner happy to commit to upping the 'fun portion' of your lives.

What you will be doing: you have between now and the end of December 2013 to take in turns and work your way through the alphabet, selecting a surprise activity starting with the next letter that both of you can enjoy together - it doesn't have to be something that is (literally) hilarious, it simply needs to be an activity that helps propel you into 'life'. I'll help you along here. Let's say you had R. It could be anything as simple as swimming in the rain (tho' some may argue that's not much fun...but I bet you'd laugh!) or jumping on bikes and going for a ride (assuming that is something you maybe don't already do/..and having a picnic because that'd be lovely) or rolling down some massive grassy hill or sand dune - so many options!  It doesn't have to cost much (if anything) and you can have so much fun getting creative. Our plan is to leave it as a surprise until the very last minute. We've agreed that the person organising is allowed to invite one extra friend and that you have to take a photo proving your activity. I have B and have already come up with our activity for Sunday week - which I do think will generate a lot of laughter.

This is what I propose: Every time Lucy and I carry out an activity I am going to write a quick post with a photo of what we've been up to, corresponding with that letter. What I'd love you to do is get involved and send me the photos of your A-Z activities and I'll post them all together. Imagine how much enjoyment we would get out of inspiring each other to have FUN - not to mention the healthy creative competition that would ensue!

If you chose not to join in, hopefully our activities will simply inspire you to mix things up and start reconnecting with your inner child. Who knows, maybe we'll all end up belly laughing at each other's silly activities. That'll do me!



January 08 2013

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