Sharing the Foodie Love - a Monthly Gratitude Post.

By Amy Crawford

Above: Danijela's (@healthyalways) very berry chocolate chia breakfast mousse.

It was only about six months ago that I opened up my instagram account to see what all the fuss was about. For some reason I felt the need to photograph my food and not much else (except the ad-hoc shot of my gorgeous dog, Wilson). It wasn't long before I started appreciating a good IG foodie shot and started following other food obsessed IG'ers to gather inspiration for my own food journey. Before I knew it I was waking up every day consumed with thoughts about what I would create for breakfast, lunch and dinner. To be honest I had no idea people would actually be interested in what I ate every day so any interest was met with surprise, later to be  followed with a realisation - that the universe knew exactly what it was doing! It was helping carve a new niche in my career, providing a little platform to share recipes and my love for good, wholesome food and creating the impetus behind my blog and first recipe eBook to be released (all things going well) in about two months.

I can't tell you how wonderful it feels to see people preparing the recipes I create (and enjoying it, most importantly!). Consequently I've decided to share a bunch of photos of my recipes cooked by others every month, as a little gesture of gratitude to those sharing the food love, supporting my journey and inspiring others to wellness. Please, if you do cook a THI recipe, tag your IG photo or feel free to email a photo through my blog. Each month I'll select the best shots to post and share the love. Without further ado, here's a bunch of beautiful photos that are definitely worthy of sharing.

To Danijela, Kristy L, Kristy W, Gabbie,Laura and Holly - thank you for sharing your beautiful photos! Please let me know if you would like me to share your IG account on your photo - I am not comfortable doing so without your permission.

Above left: Minty lemon & banana hot cakes by Kristy L (@kristwhy).
Above right: Beetroot quinoa by Gabbie.

Above left: Laura R's sweet coconut & egg white omelette.
Above right: Kristy W's very berry chocolate chia breakfast mousse.

Above: Holly's egg white omelette (@hollyelen).



February 11 2013

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