Introducing 'C' and 'D' of Alphabet Adventures

By Amy Crawford

Just a little recap for those of you who aren't yet across the Alphabet Adventures challenge (for an explanation as to how Alphabet Adventures works have a quick read here). This 12 month "sacking the fun police" challenge commenced at the beginning of the year with my dear friend Lucy and was born out of a desire (and blatant need) to lighten up, reconnect with my inner child and most importantly, to learn to laugh again (like REALLY laugh). I didn't find much to laugh about when I was unwell - irrespective of not seeing the funny side of life laughing requires energy that you simply aren't blessed with during the CFS battle.

So on the weekend Luce and I completed the letters C and D. Let's just say there were indeed laughs along the way and lessons to be learnt. The laughs started an hour in when we got lost simply trying to find our destination in the Dandenong Ranges, the destination being the 1000 steps Kokoda Track Memorial Walk (D for Dandenong in case you were wondering!). Honestly? It's like a seriously popular tourist spot yet we still got lost because we were not at all organised and jumped in the car without even thinking about what direction we were going in. Anyhoo! There is no doubt the walk proved an uphill challenge for someone who is not at all hill fit (for those of you following this blog from another state or country..Melbourne is very, very flat!). But we made it, albeit taking the wrong track up (they have created a second track leading to the top that is not complete with steps) but managed to fight our way down the steps, battling the crowds on a busy Sunday morning (second mistake, do not attempt the 1000 steps mid morning on a weekend if you are just a little impatient like my good self).

You're kidding me aren't you? We're only 1000 metres up?

So we made case you were wondering..and lived to tell the tale. Just a little rest in the sun before the decline commences.

There was plenty of time to stop and smell the gum trees, and to breath in the beautiful fresh air...once my lungs recovered that is.

Feeling just a little more sprightly on the down hill.

C was a whole other story and I'm sorry Luce but I am taking no credit for C! Luce had been to the Bavarian restaurant Cuckoo before...about 12 years before it happens. It seems her memory had failed her just a tad. Let's just the Cuckoo wasn't exactly our cup of tea. It's a huge restaurant, teaming with massive groups of people all fighting for food across about 5 different buffets. Not my cup of tea at all. Not to the mention the fact that irrespective of exercise neither of us were really very hungry. So with much probing we are eventually advised that yes we can simply order a platter for $20 each. Thinking that was a sterling idea we ordered the meat AND vegetarian platters. I will post a photo and leave it at that..except to say we wished our dogs had been with us because they may have enjoyed some of this processed meat..which was left totally untouched. As was the dalmada with a nice long bit of hair in it. Enough said. Moral of that story? Do your research girls!

You can't go to a German restaurant and NOT have a German beer...after a 1000 step steep incline walk..can you?

A meal for two not very hungry girls. Processed meat anyone? Olives anyone? Let's just say the food waste police would have been VERY unimpressed.