The monthly gratitude post - sharing the foodie love (no. 4).

By Amy Crawford

Justice is done! Ben's sweet omelette (above), looking as delectable as possible!

This is without question, my very favourite blog post to share each month. It fills me with so much gratitude to see the Instagram community posting photos of recipes they have discovered on this blog and recreated (and seemingly enjoyed!). This month there were an abundance of photos so I am going to need to split the love - I have decided to start with the first ten that came through. I promise they will all get  air time over the next month!

Important note: If you are on instagram and you tag me, please can I ask that you tag #theholisticingredient as well as my IG name? Unfortunately I miss a lot of photos because they drop off the bottom of my feed before I get a chance to see them. If you are not on IG don't hesitate to email me any photos you take of my recipes! I would love to share the love.

Once I am up to date with the existing foodie photos I will start choosing my top ten each month. Please get involved everyone, it's awesome seeing what you create! Also, when you email me your shots, please specify if you would like me to share your IG name with the wider world.

Yet another Sweet Omelette rendition and it's looking scrumptious! Thanks Georgia for this plate of deliciousness! @thebalancedboard (

A superb take on my Lemony Quinoa Hot Cakes - Lauren these look delectable! @laurenvn_ (

And some gorgeous looking little Mediterranean inspired Salmon and Quinoa Fish Cakes from Kirsten! I wish they were on my menu for dinner tonight just quietly!

I would like to lick my screen. There, I said it. Mariam's Walnut Brownie Breakfast Mousse. Hellooooo amazingness! @mariaamm_ (

And a very relaxed looking Kate @oneflewover_oneflewover about to tuck into a Very Berry Chocolate Chia Breakfast Mousse..always a winner this one! (

There's a theme happening here and it's chocolate - my favourite! Mariam's beautiful take on the Very Berry Chocolate Chia Breakfast Mousse. Clearly popular!

A gorgeous photo of Sarah's almond milk creation. Nourishing, dairy free goodness. Lip licking goodness! (

There is most definitely a theme in today's gratitude post and it's got to be chocolate! Here's a gorgeously bountiful looking Very Berry Chocolate Chia Breakfast Mousse from Emilia @yournutritarianlife (



May 23 2013

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