The monthly gratitude post - sharing the foodie love (no. 5).

By Amy Crawford

Another month another spread of beautiful home cooked creations by lots of clever home chefs! I was tempted to title this post "An ode to the Walnut Brownie Breakfast Mousse", given it's sheer popularity (no question it's the number one recipe of the moment). I am tickled to say these have been coming through thick and fast so from now on I'm afraid I'll be choosing the top ten.

Thank you thank you thank you to all of you for taking the time to make my recipes and for sharing them with us all.

This lady sure can cook and never disappoints! Come on down Arielle @cocohealth and show us your Walnut Brownie Breakfast Mousse love!

Maybe I should have titled this post "An ode to Arielle @cocohoealth" because here she is again, reproducing the spicy vegie mash - I wish it was winging its way to me right now! Tummy warming goodness!

Probably my number one breakfast option, the Sweet Omelette, amazingly reconstructed by Vanessa. Loving the colour!

Well I never, yet another Walnut Brownie Breakfast Mousse, blow me down! Thank you Julie @juliekeast for doing this recipe so much justice!

Introducing the 'hold onto your seats chocolate sweet omelette" by Rama @ramaalhejaili - looking good lady, looking good!

What a gorgeously colourful and healthy looking table! Svetlana @nevajah sends us her Sweet Omelette love all the way from Bremen, Germany.

We haven't seen this one for a little while and it so deserves air time because it is deee-liscious! The lemon ricotta cheesecake parfait by the clever Arielle @cocohealth - yet again the lady comes up with the goods!

The Mediterranean inspired salmon and quinoa fish cakes by Laura - a beautifully healthy and easy meal for two.

Oh hello! A walnut brownie breakfast mousse, well I never! This stunning shot is by the talented stylist Francesca @france_deleon - computer screen licking good!



June 19 2013

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