My Thoughts on Creativity, Engagement and Balance - a Live Podcast

By Amy Crawford

Earlier in July I had the absolute pleasure of being interviewed by Kate James from Total Balance. Kate is a meditation teacher, coach, writer and speaker and a huge source of inspiration. I had the pleasure of first hearing Kate speak at a fabulous event (Soul Sessions) earlier in the year, where she spoke about what it is to live a meaningful life. You can read a summary of her words in a blog post I shared here.

During my interview with Kate we spoke about the birth and growth of The Holistic Ingredient following my recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - the challenges faced, mistakes made along the way, the most effective marketing tool and my advice to those looking at setting up a creative start up. A few readers have since asked me to share this interview on my blog, so with Kate's blessing, here we have it. I hope you enjoy it.

Live podcast interview, by Kate James

Note: it may take a minute or two to download.



August 06 2013

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