An Affordable, Effective and Transportable Water Filter + a Discount for THI followers!

By Amy Crawford

If and when I own my own home one of the first things I'd love to do is put in a water filter system that would filter all of the water coming into the home, removing all the harmful contaminants such as chlorine, bacteria and heavy metals. That way I'm 'protected' even when I shower and wash my clothes. Wishful thinking. In the interim however I've decided to make do with a water filter system that not only purifies and alkalises my drinking water, but can be easily packed up and transported when the time comes. So today I introduce the Alkaway UltraStreamto you all.

Finding an affordable water filter is a daunting task, as many of you would know. There are so many options, opinions and considerations. What firstly attracted me to the UltraStream was the fact it ionises and alkalises my acidic drinking water, a pertinent point given I have had great difficulty balancing a highly acidic system. As many of you would know, maintaining good pH balance in your body is essential to good health and has been a real priority for me throughout my return to good health. A pH less than 7 is acidic and above 7 basic or alkaline. The ideal pH is slightly alkaline, 7.30-7.45. Acidity in the body plays havoc on the following systems: digestion, circulatory, immune, respiratory, skeletal, nervous, excretory, muscular, reproductive and integumentary (or skin). You can read more about it's impact in the this great article. Whilst alkalising our water this filter also adds slow release calcium, magnesium and trace minerals.

The second 'attraction' stems from the UltraStream's ability to filter the water of heavy metals, pesticides and bacteria all of which reek havoc for our bodies (I don't lie in my far infrared sauna most days for nothing ;-)). It is my goal, if not priority, to lessen the toxic burden on my body as far and wide as possible.

Other reasons I am glad I made this buying decision:

  • Whilst I did need to hire a hubby (given my lack of tools) it is very simple to install
  • It's inexpensive compared to many other products on the market, currently retailing at $499 (inc. GST).
  • It is simple to use, just connecting to your tap
  • It's easy to replace filters, which you need to do approximately every 12 months
  • It comes in white or black/silver so you can match it to your kitchen appliances should you desire!

Should you be interested in purchasing an UltraStream, Sunlighten (an UltraStream distributor) have offered a 10% discount to anyone who calls up and mentions this blog post. Do know if you choose to purchase one online, via the Sunlighten 1800 number or you call Alkaway direct, you will not secure the 10% discount. So, give the friendly team at Sunlighten a call on 03 9696 4602 or email them directly at

Note: Please know I am not earning commission for any sales via this post - I am simply sharing what I think is a great addition to my kitchen and a good temporary solution for my health.



September 11 2013

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