Goodbye! (advising of a brief hiatus from the world).

By Amy Crawford

Just in case you're wondering, that's not me. But it will be in about 48 hours. In fact I am going to strike that pose and see if I can get a photo in exactly that spot, looking just as 'still' and peaceful as this young lass. Actually it won't be a matter of 'looking' as still, I'll be feeling it too. Much more important.

Tomorrow I am flying north to the warmer climes of Queensland. On Sunday I am checking into the Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat, for their 5 night Optimum Wellbeing package, where laptop computers, caffeine, newspapers and radios are just a few of the items listed as 'contraband'. Apparently mobile phones are not permitted outside of your room. I can't even begin to imagine the withdrawals whilst being presented with an array of amazing food (which I hear is incredible) and not being able to take a photo - that alone is reason enough to take this break don't you think? An Instagram addict I have become indeed.

This represents the first time I will have totally disconnected from the world in years (most significantly, technology) and after a huge ten months building a new life and career I know it's time. I need a break. A totally uninterrupted rest where I can restore my batteries, reflect on my year and ponder the future.

That being said, on Sunday I'll be switching everything off and will have no access to emails, Facebook, Instagram, my website, Twitter, text messages, voicemail name it. My very able assistant Sarah will be about to answer queries in my absence, but something tells me the world (and my business) will go on without me for 6 days.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts around this 'great disconnect' upon my return. See you all on the other side people and have a wonderful, restful and nourishing weekend.

Amy x



October 11 2013

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