"What's moving me": A client's transformational review of her CTC treatment

By Amy Crawford

I'm going to skip back three years and create a hypothetical. I'm going to pretend someone spoke to me and said this:

"Amy, you know how you're terrified of spiders and public speaking...and you believe you have to have 8 hours sleep a night to function 'normally'...and you're feeling totally stuck because all you know is recruitment...and you're doubting you have the ability to transform your career at almost 40 years of age (surely it's too late at 40?)..and you're scared you'll never be free of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome....WELL! In just two short hours, in one CTC treatment, we can clear you of allllll of that!" 

My response would have been: "Oh AS IF, I've been carrying most of this 'crap' around for almost 40 years, surely it'll take another 40 to clear it all?"

I so would have said that. But isn't it a damn good thing I decided to have the treatment anyway? Because guess what...I'm free of all of it (and am now a CTC Practitioner as a result) and now I believe I can do anything I put my mind to (assuming I can find the time ;-)

A couple of weeks ago I met a delightful client by the name of Lucy Bourchier. Lucy booked in for a CTC session and without mentioning a word, went away to write a review of her CTC treatment on her blog Something to Move. Lucy has an amazing way with words. She's very accurately described the effect this transformative and utterly life changing therapy has had on her life - so it goes without saying we should share it with you too.

What's Moving Me, by Lucy Bourchier.

"If you read my recent post: 'Quitting the chase' you’ll know I recently made a monster breakthrough. The true instigator of this shift this needs to be revealed now: Amy and her CTC magic.

Have you got negative beliefs jamming up your vitality? Emotional blocks, fears, a lack of direction, overwhelm, sickness cramping your style?

Enter: Amy.

When you meet Amy you have that weird sense you’ve known her for years. Like her open ears alone could dissolve the most nestled in of your blockages. But we did the session anyway! And after two-hours of digging deep into the subconscious and transcending old limitations and beliefs, I was literally floating. Vibrating. Smiling from ear to ear. And truth be known: I still am.

So what is it exactly?

As the name suggests, it's a potent cocktail that combines a number of modalities including NLP, EFT (emotional freedom technique), Hypnosis and Reiki to release limiting beliefs, negative emotions, fears (yep the lot!). The session leaves you free of old emotional issues, empowered, motivated, more certain of your direction and better able to deal. You can find out more about CTC with Amy here.

I also suggest you check out Amy's inspirational journey back from chronic fatigue syndrome, to thriving wellness maven, author, contemporary chef and lifestyle innovator."

If you'd like to know more about the Combined Therapy Cocktail or to make a booking simply email ctc@theholisticingredient.com

If you could change your life in just two hours, you would too, wouldn't you? 



March 19 2014

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