Guest of the Month: Lola Berry

By Amy Crawford

When anyone asks me which value I hold most dear, the answer is an immediate 'no brainer': authenticity. To me, living an authentic life and surrounding myself with authentic others makes for a much 'easier', life. If we are living our truth, speaking our truth and being our truth isn't that a whole heap easier than pretending to be someone we're not, day to day? For this very reason I feel an absolute pull towards authentic others - people I meet who are truly, wholeheartedly 'them', who have a sense of realness that is palpable. Lola Berry is that person. Lola lives and breaths authenticity and is (unapologetically) real from every which angle.

It is with absolute pleasure that we feature Lola as our March Guest of the Month. Not only is Lola one of Australia's favourite nutritionists, she's a yoga instructor, has regular appearances on TV & radio and is a successful author. The girl has got it goin' on! 

Hi Lola! Welcome to THI. We really admire the radiant positive energy you transmit into the universe, how do you stay motivated to live your life in such a positive and energized way.

It’s just about doing what you love. Living your darmah, you know your purpose your passion. I really make sure I’m coming from a real place and honor that, I trust my gut and I love who I am so I have no problems owning everything I do and believe in. I do everything from the heart and live my dream. It might sound selfish but I feel like I can give more to others when I honor this in myself.

I also take time out for me, to do the things I love, like hanging out in nature.
My favorite word in the entire world is “Biophilia” which means the healing power of Mother Nature on humans and I try to spend as much time out in nature as humanly possible.

And do you have a quote/mantra/belief that you live by daily?

To be the very best that I can be in every moment.

Can you tell us what the catalyst was for your interest in the health and nutrition industry? How did you get where you are today?

I wasn't healthy at all, in fact I was a DJ and partying loads and one day I went on a detox and started to realise how good I could feel. Then I noticed my skin was glowing and I felt like I was jumping out of my skin. Then I became a food nerd always reading about superfoods and the amazing things they can do in the body. Then I woke up one morning and was like “ping! I’m going to be the Steve Irwin of wholefoods” then I saved up got a camera and practiced every day to camera, talking about my brekkie, filming at farmers markets - and let me tell you I wasn't always good at talking to camera, it took lots of practice. So I just kept working on my passion and what I loved.

In a nutshell, could you share your dietary philosophy with us? How does this reflect in your lifestyle?

1. Eat real food
2. Food is here to nourish you and to share with the people you love
3. Enjoy the process
4. Practice mindfulness, so that means be present when you eat, enjoy the smells, textures, flavors, sounds. Be there!!
And enjoy your journey! Sure you’ll have a few blunders in the kitchen, but just laugh about it and onto the next creative dish, it’s all good, how luck are you that you’re healthy and living in this body!

What does a typical ‘Lola day’ look like? And do you have a food that is ALWAYS on your plate?

    My days are so so different! They always change. Some days I’m filming or on a photo shoot or doing radio. Others I’m teaching yoga and hanging our in nature. I love nature biophilia (there’s that favey word again) hangs. I’m often writing so it’s a bit of everything. I eat loads of different things but I am pretty addicted to chilies, avocado and salmon at the moment. It always changes! Last night it was all about chia puddings! Haha. Anything that’s fresh, local and a whole food and they are in there! I love getting to the local farmers markets!

    If you could cook one meal to inspire someone to eat a healthier way of life, what would you cook and who would it be?

    I would love to cook a meal for Steve Irwin cos he’s one of my heros. I’d probably cook him crispy salmon cooked in coconut oil then squeeze fresh lime juice and top it off with chili flakes and make the avo Charlie’s salad from The 20/20 Diet Cookbook. It’s my favo meal!

    Do you have any advice you’d like to share with our readers who are embarking on their own wellness journeys?

    1. Listen to your body, it knows
    2. Trust the process
    3. Enjoy
    4. Be mindful
    5. Most importantly honor you
    6. And smile

    Lola, congratulations on the launch of your new book the 20/20 diet cookbook! Is there a recipe you'd like to share with us?

    Of course there is! It is the roast chickie with quinoa cranberry and pistachio stuffing! I made this for a boyfriend on one of our first dates and he was blown away. It’s a crowd pleaser and can be quite festive too; I love to make this so I’ve got it for lunches the next few days too! I’m an organization freak! Haha. Enjoy.

    Oh now we're just teasing you! Stay tuned for Lola's roast chickie recipe posted on the blog tomorrow!

    Follow Lola on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and find her 20/20 Diet Cookbook at your local bookstore.



    March 25 2014

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