I've been too busy to make a life. Have you?

By Amy Crawford

Last week, at 8.35pm one evening, I was sitting at my desk (working) when an email came through from my ever supportive PA, Sarah. In the subject heading it read: "You are working SO hard". (Yep, I know I thought... but that's just what I do). I opened the email and it went on to say "Don't ignore other areas of your life lovely x".

OUCH. Someone noticed.

My first response (which Sarah got) was "well...that's all well and good, but I have a business to run and I have a LOT of work to do!" Or words to that effect.

But then she got me thinking...a lot. It was really interesting to note my reaction to Sarah's words. The initial reaction was defensiveness (a look that spoke "what choice do I have for goodness sake ?!") but then I realised the defensiveness was simply truth hitting home.

I feel very blessed to do what I do. I get to touch on all those things I am most passionate about day to day. The truth is though, I do some degree of work every day of the week, and I find myself holding off on other activities outside of work to afford me the energy to keep this pace up.

And right now I'm at odds over this. Surely if I find peace and calm doing what I do every day of the week that is ok? If I'm doing what I'm passionate about every day and making a living from that, aren't I utterly blessed? (And is our quest for balance a fruitless one? How can we possibly find balance when we already work 5 out of 7 days a week?)

Irrespective I know I'm not doing enough of those things that make me feel amazing, that add colour to my life - like lying around in a park on a sunny afternoon, dating boys (or not as the case may be because who has time!?), reading a book cover to cover on a Sunday. I'll be honest, I'm still working at finding total peace with 'nothingness'. But my body's reaction to Sarah's email said it all. I need to make some adjustments.

Does this message resonate with you? Are you lost amongst your work (passion) like me? 



March 28 2014

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