A Winter Wellness Tips Webinar

By Amy Crawford

Winter Wellness Tips

Earlier in the week I had the absolute pleasure of chatting to Kylie Lewis and Binny Langler from Of Kin about the many different ways we can be our best this winter. Our chit chat was recorded for your listening enjoyment. 

These winter wellness tips will I hope, help you scoot through the winter climes unscathed - full of energy, free of tissues and devoid of pharmaceuticals. 

Investing time and energy into such wellness tips is well worth the effort; when we go 'down for the count' our lives are impacted in many ways - our finances, our mental and physical health, our productivity, our stress levels - you name it, we feel it.

I for one have recently taken a beating as a result of many unavoidable rounds of antibiotics (we even manage to touch on that highly personal experience in the webinar).

Right now though, I am filling my body with as much goodness as I can muster, most of which is touched on in this webinar.

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I've included below the list of questions asked in the webinar and some brief notes I had prepared pre discussion. Of course you'll find much more detail including recipe suggestions in the recording itself.


Being Your Best This Winter questions:

1. How do we detox our pantry for Winter?

  • Processed foods with little nutritional value, difficult to digest
  • Move towards more cooked and less raw foods – body must heat food to digest it
  • Move towards heavier meals that are grounding, nourishing, such as soups, stews, slow cooker. Include more root veggies such as carrots, pumpkins, sweet potatoes.
  • Raw pesto!
  • Coconut oil – anti bacterial, anti viral
  • ACV – digestion, detoxification, antibacterial
  • Cacao – mood elevator, anti depressant, antioxidant
  • Turmeric – fresh or powdered (active ingredient curcumin) – anti fungal, inflammatory, reduce toxicity and bacteria
  • Garlic – nature’s antibiotic
  • Fresh herbs
  • Essential oils
  • Nori – immune health, great for adrenals and thyroid

2. How do we raise our vibration and fight the Winter blues?

  • Learn to better manage our personal power/energy. We are the power, we get to choose how we feel every minute of the day! 
  • Positive thoughts, gratitude, giving to others without expectation – these are the top 3 ways to build your vibration 
  • What you radiate you attract.

3. Suggestions for morning Winter rituals

  • Still try up and get up with enough time to ease gently into your day
  • Make your bed!
  • Avoid phone for 1 hour upon waking, puts us in reaction mode, react to the demands of others, over stimulated
  • Tongue scraper – removes bacteria, toxins, dead cells that accumulate overnight
  • ACV/lemon water drink
  • Morning meditation to settle your adrenalin, retain a sense of calm, the reaction trigger disappears, builds focus
  • Exercise – keep you energised, circulation, build your vibration

4. Amy’s favourite natural remedies and teas that will help heal and soothe

  • Golden milk
  • Kombucha – powerful probiotic, balances metabolism, great detoxifier
  • Peppermint tea – great for immune system, kills bacteria and viruses
  • Lemon, onion, garlic tonic twice daily
  • Bone broth

5. The importance of simplifying your life

  • Result of India trip – realised how hectic life had become, over stimulated, forgetting to appreciate the simple things in life that brought me joy
  • Slow down – get rid of “I’ll just quickly grab a coffee, clean my teeth, do the dishes”
  • Spend less – ask yourself why you buy what you do? Is it for gratification, comfort? Replace items only as you need them
  • Declutter – if you don’t use it, get rid of it. Physical and mental. Relationships that don’t serve, clutter in your environment
  • Prioritise connecting with loved ones
  • Get out in nature
  • Eat simply – whole foods!
  • Disconnect
  • Clean as you go!
  • Get up early – enjoy the stillness
  • Pay off your debt


If anyone you know may benefit from some winter wellness tips to keep them healthy and happy, share this post with love. 



May 26 2016

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