Healing from adrenal fatigue (my well kept secret) + an eCourse to show you how

By Amy Crawford

(July 2015: Please note, this blog post was first sent out in May 2014, at the beginning of my adrenal fatigue recovery. During my recovery I have been asked many times how I have managed my ongoing recovery from adrenal fatigue. We are sharing this post again today to alert others with adrenal fatigue of the return of the below adrenal fatigue eCourse, to assist you in your return to great health).

I've got a little secret. Well actually, it's probably quite a big secret in light of the fact I'm a 'Wellness Practitioner' who hasn't been well lately, at all. Five weeks ago I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue. I chose to keep this diagnosis quiet because I'm a big believer that everything you think, say or feel becomes your reality and I didn't want to be that 'sick girl' again, I wanted only to imagine myself 'well' and let others think of me as 'well' - because that positive energy speaks volumes for your recovery. I decided simply to put my head down, heal my body and share my story when the time was right, when I was well on the road to recovery. And here I am.

So what is adrenal fatigue?

Adrenal fatigue is a collection of symptoms that come about when the adrenal glands function is sub par, when they can no longer meet the demands of stress on your body, be it emotional, physical or psychological. It typically comes about following prolonged periods of stress or trauma. In my situation it's best described using a car analogy; I've basically been sitting on 'high rev' for too long, instead of idling and resting and letting my body relax. There was no doubt in my mind, once it had well and truly hit, what was going on. I'd had CFS after all, I was well across these symptoms. 

So what I was feeling?

Every day for weeks I had an overall feeling of 'grayness'; I only just managed to get through my day but I had very little in me to do so. I battled to get out of bed and there is VERY unusual for me. I'd get up and I couldn't go for for a walk, even for ten minutes. The fatigue was unbearable. It was back to assessing what I could manage in each given day i.e. see a client and go to the shop to stock up my pantry, no more. Or, see no one and try and do 2 hours at my computer. I lacked concentration, I felt muddled and foggy. I had a sense of anxiety that is out of the ordinary for me. Tiny little things would create a negative reaction in my body; I couldn't cope with the tiniest hint of pressure. I hardly saw a friend week to week. I'd sleep and wake up feeling unrestored. Typical for those with adrenal fatigue, at 6pm I'd feel almost entirely 'normal' again at which point I'd get up and do 'stuff', anything to help me get through the next day. The next day would arrive and that grayness would still be there. 

Five weeks on I am recovering steadily, though am still being very gentle with myself; I do of course have knowledge and a very good base wellness on my side.  I am back to working a full week though my personal life remains very quiet indeed. 

Why might any of us end up with adrenal fatigue and do any of my symptoms resonate with you?

Maybe there’s been a couple of big life changes or events that have happened. Maybe your work or home life is very stressful at the moment. You might be impacted on by the stress others in your life are experiencing. Maybe you used to be able to handle stress but you're just not coping in the same way. Maybe you can't pinpoint any major stressors but life just feels very busy and pressured. You have super-high expectations of yourself and there’s no time to slow down. Things irritate you more than usual. You find yourself feeling worried, guilty or anxious a lot of the time. Life might be busy, but you’re bored. There’s no time for fun. There’s no time to look after yourself properly. Then, after feeling tired all day, you often seem to have more energy in the evenings. Or even though you feel tired, you’re wired, and can’t get to sleep. Maybe you just wish you had more energy.

"When you're feeling tired all the time, EVERYTHING feels so much harder."

Last week (well, back in May 2014) Kerry Belviso interviewed me for her Heal My Adrenal Fatigue eCourse. We chatted about the 'blind spot' in my life that has brought about both CFS and adrenal fatigue. You can learn about my 'blind spot' here:

So what are the actual costs of adrenal fatigue? There's the physical cost, the emotional and social cost and the financial cost (ouch). You can read further about these costs in another post I wrote here.

So quite clearly I do have knowledge on my side, because I've been 'here' before. But I realise many others are not as fortunate (for want of a better word) than I. Whether you're in Adrenal Fatigue, burnt out, or just feeling stressed and tired and wondering how to get your energy back, Kerry Belviso's 'Heal My Adrenal Fatigue' eCourse may be just what you need. Within the course you will receive:

  • 5 modules of immediately actionable content delivered to your inbox fortnightly
  • 5 professionally designed and super-helpful workbooks breaking down each module
  • 5 one-on-one videos with me where I help you get clear on your blocks so you can move forwards
  • 12 insightful video interviews (20-30 minutes each) with experts in health and healing who will inspire and motivate you to change your life
  • A supportive online community (via Facebook) to help you grow 
  • BONUS guided relaxation (yoga nidra) from Rachel Hawes in Module 3
  • BONUS grounding meditation from Sara Brooke in Module 5

The course starts on Sunday 12 July, however do know that you can join in at any time as the course runs continuously (it may be helpful to you to feel like you're part of a live group by commencing at the same time as others, that's all).  Head over to the Heal My Adrenal Fatigue website to read a detailed description of what you will receive from each module and to sign up, if you're keen to do so.

Have you had experience with adrenal fatigue and what do you believe to be your 'blind spot'? That is, is there a weak spot in your life that contributed to your symptoms?

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May 13 2014

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