Guest of the Month: Natasha Mason + a Nourish Melbourne GIVEAWAY

By Amy Crawford

Ok Melbourne folks, we're sharing the love with you guys today (and of course with our Melbourne visitors). We are so spoilt for choice in Melbourne, on all fronts (ok, maybe not on the weather front); but how often do you sit there wondering where to go for the best facial in your area; the best whole food selection; the best cafe lunch etc? Well the good news is Natasha has done the groundwork - and Nourish Melbourne is your 'go-to' for the best our awesome city has to offer. Today we are so thrilled to share an interview with the delightful founder/'know it all' ;-) of Nourish Melbourne, Natasha Mason.  Natasha introduces us to her fabulous Nourish Melbourne membership, giving us the opportunity to save every time we purchase products or services from close to 100 health and wellness businesses in Melbourne (and the list continues to grow).

(Make sure you read to the bottom to be in the chance to WIN one of these fantastic memberships!).

Hi Tash and welcome! THI is so excited to be a part of the Nourish Melbourne community. Could you tell our readers a little about Nourish Melbourne and what you do?

Nourish Melbourne is a wellness collaborative effort, bringing together the best of Melbourne’s natural, organic and holistic health businesses. This collective of local businesses are passionate about spreading the message about good health and inspiring us to live our most nourished lives. This might be through their nourishing products or services, or via one of our health and wellness events.

Our philosophy works on the idea that “what goes around, comes around”. This is why the Nourish Melbourne Membership was born – to better connect Melbourne’s wellness community with all Melburnians, and to each other, and to amplify the importance of a balanced, holistic, nourished life.

I personally consult with health and wellness businesses around Melbourne to help them build mindfully thought and then executed, marketing and communications strategies. So my role on any one (or part of a) day could be anything from wellness connector, wellness communications consultant or wellness warrior.

Congratulations on the recent launch of the Nourish Melbourne membership! For our readers that are interested, what does a membership entail?

Thank you :) The Nourish Melbourne Membership connects Melbourne’s best health and wellness businesses (now heading close to 100 partner businesses) with those who want to save time searching for the best in the business, save money on anything from health foods, organic groceries, organic meat, eating at healthy cafes to natural therapies, fitness, yoga, organic skincare, organic hair and beauty services, attending Nourish Melbourne events or other health and wellness events happening in Melbourne, and so much more.

For a yearly Membership subscription price of $157 (our introductory launch price), our Members save every time they purchase products or use services from all of those partner businesses. Part of each yearly Membership subscription is donated to our four not-for-profit partners (which either help to nourish the less fortunate, educate, or provide much needed services to those who need wellness support).

And what about the Events you have upcoming?! Gosh you do a lot! What event can we expect to see next?

Our next upcoming event on the calendar (Saturday 21 June) is ‘Natural, Baby’ presented by Dr Amanda Waaldyk of Angea Fertility & Yoga, which is all about preconception health care (tip: never too early to start!). We’ve always said, ‘a fertile body is a healthy body’, so this event combines yoga, food, Traditional Chinese Medicine and more to give attendees a well rounded path to follow in order for their bodies to be in tip top shape for natural conception to be easy and pregnancies to be smooth and trouble free. The reason this is so important now more than ever is because of loads more toxins and environmental factors which are part of a modern world…and we don’t offer consider as affecting things like conception or the health of our future children.

There will be an event happening before this in early-mid JUne presented by the bubbly and passionate holistic Chiropractor Dr. Ellie Stockley of Life Chiropractic Studio, entitled ‘Move By Design’ – all about functional movement and getting the most out of your workouts. Details to be announced shortly. Nourish Melbourne works with businesses too. If I was an organization looking to collaborate with NM, what could I expect of you?

Our Membership businesses are truly passionate about what they do – whether it’s selling nourishing food or giving remedial massage - and care more about ‘people profit’, than ‘purse profit’. We do not charge any fees to our carefully selected partner businesses – we just ask that they pass on VIP offers to our Members and in return, we mindfully spread their message online, acting as online ‘ambassadors’ for their brand to a following who really care about their health and wellbeing.

It comes back to ‘what goes around, comes around’. What a business can offer our Members, we can give in return in mindful communication of their brand. And, we also give our Membership businesses their own free Membership – because we are a community and we encourage our own business community to support each other.

We follow you avidly on Instagram, and you seem to find THE BEST lunch spots. Can you share with us your favourite café In Melbourne? Best place for coffee?

We are so blessed to have amazing food in Melbourne, with such breadth, variety and of course fantastic taste. My all time favourite café, which is consistently great, would have to be Pillar of Salt on Church Street in Richmond.

For outstanding and consistent coffee, I can’t go past the little and friendly Pardon Coffee in Prahran (just off Greville Street). You’ll often find me having meetings there…or just chatting with the staff! It’s like having coffee at your friend's place.

And finally, we want to know about you, what have you learnt from being a part of the Nourish Melbourne community?

That Melbourne is overflowing with people seeking health and wellness, and/or who want to be purveyors of health and wellness. That’s why you’ll notice the Nourish Melbourne logo reflects this abundant community with the word ‘our’, within the word ‘nourish’.

“It takes a village to raise a child” (proverb)…and to ensure a life that is fully nourished.

Would you like to become a Nourish Melbourne member? We have one free yearly membership, valued at $157, available to give away to one lucky THI member!

To be in the running:
1. Head over to
2. Watch the membership video
3. Email noting the four nourishing businesses featured in the video, with ‘THI NM Membership Giveaway’ in the subject field
4. Do all this before Monday 26 May

Winner will be drawn at random and notified by email. Please note this competition is open to Melbourne residents only.



May 23 2014

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