Questions for Amy? Join us 7pm TONIGHT for our LIVE Facebook Q&A.

By Sarah Elizabeth John

Have you ever wanted the opportunity to take Amy out for coffee just so you could 'pick her brains'? Well this is your chance!

In a special social media event, Amy will be chatting live on The Holistic Ingredient Facebook page from 7pm AEST this coming Monday 2 November, answering any health and wellness related questions you may have.

Perhaps you'd like more information about the life transformational Combined Therapy Cocktail that Amy offers? Or to ask about our upcoming Sydney Detox Your Pantry event? Maybe you simply need some healthy inspiration for the kids lunch boxes tomorrow. Well head over to our FB page here to join the conversation.

Mark it in your calendars and ensure the kids are occupied, a wealth of information is sure to ensue!

What is the number one question you would ask Amy if you had the chance?

*Please note Amy will be online for one hour only.

*Please note Sarah will be online to answer questions for one hour only. If you’re not on AEST you will need to adjust the time accordingly. - See more at:



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thThis MOnday Ever wanted the opportunity to sit Sarah Wilson down and ask her a question about the I Quit Sugar 8-Week Program? Now you can!

In an exclusive premiere event, Sarah will be chatting live on the
I Quit Sugar Facebook page from 7pm (AEST) Monday May 26, answering all your questions about the Program.*

Sarah recently did a similar thing on Twitter with Everyday Health in the US and now that she’s back from her book tour she’s keen to catch up with everyone for a tête-à-tête on Facebook.

So clear your calendar and start prepping your sugar-free snacks. See you there!

Keen to sign up for the Program now?

- See more at:



November 10 2014


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