How one CTC session transformed my life.

By Sarah Elizabeth John

Four months ago I felt totally stuck - feeling so overwhelmed with life that I no longer felt like me.

It was a good few months into working with Amy when I decided to undertake a CTC session for myself. One by one I witnessed the revolving door of thank you emails Amy received from clients post their life transformational session. Amy would read me small excerpts as we worked alongside each other, and after a while I began noting a strong common thread. These testimonials were all filled with an overwhelming excitement at what lay could feel the genuine sincerity and thanks in Amy's client's words; this treatment had really worked. I became increasingly intrigued.

Today I wanted to give you an insight into the Combined Therapy Cocktail that Amy offers, from the eyes of someone who has witnessed first hand the effect this therapy has, as her colleague and indeed a CTC client - ME! Hi everyone, I'm Sarah, Amy's colleague. Nice to talk to you!

Without boring you to tears with my background, I do need to let you into my life a little so you can understand just how far I have come. Here's a little about me.

I recall my move to Melbourne about 9 months ago now. I'd been living and working in Vancouver for three years and had decided it was once again time to be at home with the Aussies. Being from Perth originally the move to Melbourne seemed so super exciting on paper (and it was exciting and still is, don't get me wrong). What the paper didn't articulate was just how challenging it was going to be to move cities ALONE. After a pretty epic trip through the US I was down to my last dollars. Life had been reduced to a suitcase or three (why I chose to pack that pair of shoes instead of much needed cutlery I don't know!), I was without family and friends or employment, I was starting again. The first night in Melbourne there I lay, in my sleeping bag on the cold tiles of my empty apartment, staring at the ceiling asking myself "Sarah, are you even serious right now? What the hell are you doing?!"

In short, the immense pressure of it all (most of it self imposed) slowly wore me down. On the surface I have always been well put together but inside there was an emotional tornado brewing. Where once I would be cheery in the face of adversity, I felt the little things getting under my skin. That prickly feeling of fighting the tears springing behind your eyes became far more common than I had ever experienced. I had a 24/7 headache from the constant over analysis of the current state of my life.

Fast forward a few months and that state of overwhelm had subsided and the fog lifted. I'd started working with Amy, my apartment actually had furniture (woohoo) and there were even a few coffees with new girlfriends thrown into the mix. However, those emotions I had felt when I was feeling so low were still lingering and my confidence had taken a serious beating; I wasn't the bubbly version of myself that I knew.

Enter my experience with CTC. I was nervous. To bare all in front of your therapist is one thing, but to bare all in front of your employer is entirely another! But Amy has the most wonderful way of making you feel comfortable when you're laying your heart on the line. In a 2 hour session Amy facilitates the process of working through all those elements of your life that keep you from feeling amazing, whether it be old emotional issues, fears, or any limiting beliefs that you may have. Amy will implement a number of different modalities, which can range from Reiki, to EFT (emotional freedom technique), NLP (neuro linguistic programming) and hypnosis, and systematically work through it all with you.

For me I felt immediately clearer and calmer, as though a weight off my chest had been lifted. The million thoughts flying around my mind had been compartmentalized and now appeared in logical order. The feeling of indecision had gone, I knew what I had to do! We also worked through my fear of public speaking which I know can be a big one for so many. I desperately didn't want to let that fear get in the way of my professional life at any point moving forward.

So like I said, on the surface nobody would know that anything was up. It's not as though I was falling apart at the seams. But we can all work towards being better versions of ourselves. The CTC session taught me that sometimes in life you have to work a little at your own positive emotional wellbeing. I now wake in the morning with a renewed sense of excitement and energy, and that is what life is about!

If you feel like me you would benefit from this life transformational CTC session, or if you'd like more info, send an email to Amy at and she will respond personally.

Is there anything holding you back from feeling amazing?



June 10 2014

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