NEW RELEASE! 'A Nourishing Morning' eBook has landed!

By Amy Crawford

Rise and shine people, rise and SHINE! Please make welcome the second installment in the 'A Nourishing Kitchen' eBook series, 'A Nourishing Morning'! This eBook focuses solely on the most important time of the day, morning. Brimming with 75 deliciously healthy gluten and refined sugar free recipes for any time before noon, the wealth of information included within will provide clarity and energy well past lunch, I promise!

What's inside?
'A Nourishing Morning' was designed with food intolerances in mind. Smack bang in the middle of this recipe book design, I received the results of a food intolerance test that saw me removing many foods from my diet (some temporarily, others more permanently), for the sake of my health. The most notable eliminations: eggs, dairy and cacao.

From there our 'Easy Egg Substitutions' page was born. We experimented with the best ways to replace eggs in cooking, utilising ingredients that would be readily available in your pantry. Who knew that flaxseeds mixed in water could replace an egg in baked goods so well?! Well now you do. There are TEN other innovative egg free cooking suggestions included within this handy table within 'A Nourishing Morning'.

But fear not, this is not to say the eBook is cacao/chocolate free, nor entirely egg free, nor is it free of taste! Mornings have never tasted so good if you ask me, just check out the scones in the image below.

Morning Tea Scones served with Berry Delicious Strawberry Jam. Lick the screen worthy!

'A Nourishing Morning' is a predominantly plant based eBook and can be considered vegan/vegetarian friendly. A few recipes do contain dairy and/or meat, though for those that do we always provide an alternative. Choose not to include dairy yoghurt in your diet? We tell you how to make your own vegan friendly Coconut Yoghurt. Is dairy milk not your thing? Well, there may well be a delicious Sesame Milk recipe included in the pages within.

Coconut Yoghurt dolloped Tropical Maple Granola... just sayin' ;-)

The five sections of 'A Nourishing Morning' cover all your morning bases, and are categorised as follows:

1. A Sip or a Slurp
Luscious liquids! Health promoting juices, satisfying smoothies and heartwarming winter warmers, the drinks included within this section provide such nutrient density they will most certainly set you up for the day.

2. The Weekday Rush
Designed with a 'grab and go' mentality in mind, the weekday rush recipes cater to those that might hit the snooze button one too many times. No need to forgo precious minutes under the covers to bake a big breaky, these 'prepare ahead' or 'meal in a flash' ideas will ensure you are nourished, no matter the morning rush.

3. Pop the Kettle On
The morning tea cuppa is a sacred time (especially here in Melbourne where coffee culture is King!). It is therefore only right that our caffeine fix, or herbal tea aromas are complemented by the utmost in taste. Biscuits to dunk, slices to devour, muffins to munch, take me to 10am.

4. With the Newspaper
Sunday mornings, warm doonas, pattering rain, pooch sitting lovingly on your feet on the bed. The recipes included within this section are perfect served 'breakfast in bed' style with a newspaper on the side. Fancy some french toast, made with homemade brioche? I'm imagining the gorgeous apron clad person delivering such luxury to me now.

5. From the Pantry
Just as scones are not complete without jam and a steak sandwich lacking without relish, we ensure all the recipes within this book are garnished with the healthiest accompaniments. Goodbye sugary condiments and preservative laden butters, your pantry will forever be well stocked and brimming with health!

Carrot, Apple & Ginger Immunity Juice, boost your health in winter, refresh in summer!

Each recipe is accompanied with a gorgeously styled full colour photograph, taken by me in my own home. Each recipe also contains fool proof instructions for the novice cook. We have taken care to balance sweet and savoury recipes throughout the sections too.

What's more, this eBook is fully interactive, meaning you can click between the contents page and recipes with ease. It also links to a few recipes on our website that may be of use in your cooking endeavors, and to complementary recipes in the book throughout. Now all you have to do is set your iPad or laptop up on your kitchen bench and start cooking!

Once you've made a dish, be sure to document your recreation. Post to Instagram with the tag #anourishingmorning and your images will be featured on our website.

Enough said? I think so. You can purchase your very own copy right here, for just $19.95.

On that note, I'm off to go enjoy a Honey Tahini Cashew Cookie and a well earned eBook release cuppa.







July 30 2014

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