Are you ready to discover the most confident, authentic version of yourself? Dream. Discover. Do.

By Amy Crawford

Are you ready to start discovering the most confident, authentic version of yourself? Would you benefit from a course that prompts you to connect with your dreams, and to discover who you really are? Then this eCourse may be the catalyst to start changing your life, to start living a life well lived.

Dream. Discover. Do. by Kate James of Total Balance is an eCourse that runs over eight weeks and has been designed to help you begin to make positive change in your life. It will help you to:

  • understand your unique values and strengths so that you can make choices that really matter to you.
  • create a vision of your ideal life.
  • connect with the creative, spirited version of yourself.
  • identify and overcome the beliefs, thought patterns and behaviours that hold you back from pursuing your dreams.
  • learn about how mindfulness can make you feel calmer, more focused and clearer about your direction.
  • feel confident to start making the changes you need to make to be living your version of a creative, authentic and meaningful life.

The course includes:

  • An introductory podcast by Kate James.
  • A weekly video with an overview of the content as each module is made available.
  • Six comprehensive PDF workbooks to download, each including resources and worksheets to assist you in creating your new fully-imagined life.
  • A ‘fast track’ version of the workbooks for people with limited time.
  • Access to a private Facebook group so you can connect with other inspired participants and post your action steps to be accountable.
  • Fortnightly ‘live chat’ discussion in our Facebook group where Kate will answer your questions. 
  • Two integration weeks to give you time to implement what you’re learning.
  • Additional emails to keep you motivated and on track.
  • Six guided meditation MP3s to help you connect with your intuition and relax into visualising your dream life.
  • Six podcast interviews with inspiring people who are already living inspiring, meaningful lives.

The great thing about an eCourse is you can complete this course in the comfort of your own home and in your own time. The next course commences on Friday 20 February 2015. 

Usually this eCourse is valued at $249, however we are delighted to let you know that Kate has offered all THI subscribers a $50 discount. Simply use the code 'holistic' at the point of sale.

If you'd like to join Kate, or to read more, simply click HERE.

*I am an affiliate of this eCourse and as such receive a small commission for every sign up made via the link above. Do know that I will only align myself with products and services that I feel are of value to THI readers.



February 10 2015


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