The super affordable, super achievable 28 day health & wellness challenge.

By Amy Crawford

How many times have you kicked off an exercise regime or healthy eating plan (with absolute gusto) only to throw it all in because it got too hard/you lost motivation/ran out of healthy food options in your fridge/it rained every day (or all of the former)? Maybe your Instagram news feed got the better of you; everyone else is eating deliciously decadent raw chocolate, so why can’t you!? Damn that evil ‘inside head’ voice!

I’ve recently had the pleasure of trialling the Fernwood Fitness 28 Day Breakthru program and I’ve gotta say, receiving daily inspiration and guidance around mindset, exercise AND food intake makes throwing the towel in a battle in itself. These guys have it covered to ensure you’re fired up no end (and those inside head voices are indeed kicked to the curb).

Whilst it appears my adrenal fatigue recovery isn’t quite ready to embrace the full exercise regime recommended by the program, I immersed myself in all the guidance provided and can say I think this online program offers fabulous resources ensuring your journey is as easy and well supported as can be.

I would like to include a special side note to those of you recovering from illness who are considering taking on a new exercise regime (or in fact for anyone kicking of an exercise program for the first time) - don't be afraid to embrace gentle movement in the knowledge that any movement is beneficial for your body. Over the last 6 months or so I've been focussing on self compassion and empathy, to listen to my body and (significantly) not comparing my exercise routine and abilities with anyone elses. So in light of the 28 Day Breakthru, I simply committed to daily movement in the best possible way I knew how. Every little bit counts. I would recommend obtaining some guidance from your Health Professional, as I have done, around what is a safe level of exercise for you. 

Warm Lamb, Roast Fennel & Quinoa Salad

So let me share with you some key points of note around this program:

  • When you kick off the program you’re embraced with open arms at your local Fernwood gym. The girls will happily help plan your month at the gym (if you prefer to exercise out of home) and give you all the assistance you need. Know there is no pressure to attend the gym at all
  • There's a weekly shopping list and recipes which keeps it super simple and takes all the hard work out decision-making (thus ensuring that evil inside head voice remains silent!). The meal plans are designed specifically for your body shape - a pear, apple or a ruler. As I follow a gluten free diet I did need to modify my shopping list somewhat. On that note, I do feel it'd be great if there was a gluten free program included though if you're GF you are probably quite accustomed to swapping foods out. In regards to the recipes, most have a whole food 'bent' and are fresh, light and wholesome. It would be remiss of me not to mention that low fat products (such as yoghurt, milk and cheese) are included in the eating plan. My personal choice is to eat as close to nature as possible and choose less processed alternatives wherever possible
  • Included are weekly exercise programs (which can be done in the comfort of your own home – rain, hail or shine folks!) complete with video tutorials to ensure you’re getting the most out of your efforts
  • Numerous motivational videos from the Fernwood Angels including fabulous fitness, nutrition and mindset tips to keep you fired up and on track - I loved these because they were not at all preachy!
  • A journal to track your progress throughout the month
  • A 24/7 online membership lounge encouraging you to connect with like minded women, to share your stories and challenges and of course to acquire expert advice
  • In light of all that you receive in this 24/7 online program, it is super affordable

So my honest thoughts? I think this is an entirely achievable and realistic program for women of all shapes, sizes and abilities. Asked to exercise 5 days out of 7, you'll need to put aside about 30-60 minutes each day - time that is surely well spent. This is a program that should fit into any lifestyle, particularly in light of the fact you can exercise at home. By swapping out a few processed foods for less processed alternatives (and of course keeping in mind your personal dietary requirements) the meal plan is on a whole a good one. I felt (for me personally) that more protein was required in the breakfast options to help kick start my day so I made some alterations there too. But on the whole, this program is seriously good value for money (it costs only $49 until September 30th and increases to $59 on October 1).

A 28 Day Breakthru GIVE AWAY.

Two THI readers have the opportunity to partake in this same challenge, and win a free pass to the Fernwood Fitness 28 Day Breakthru program, a 28-day Fernwood trial gym membership and a Fernwood merchandise pack.

To be in the running, simply answer use the comment section below to answer in 25 words or less: "What is your WHY? What’s the one thing that motivates you to focus on healthy food and exercise?" 

*Competition open to Australian entrants only and will be drawn COB Wednesday 1 October (AEST). 



September 30 2014


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