Is it that time of the month (TOM)? Are your tampons toxic? + a GIVE AWAY!

By Amy Crawford

Here's a fact for you: the average woman uses more than 12,000 tampons in her lifetime. The frightening fact is that the vast majority of these women are using 12,000 pesticide laden tampons which in turn leach toxicity into their bodies. Along with other toxic chemicals present in skin/hair care and household cleaning products for example, this is of real (cumulative) concern. For the majority this is simply a matter of education and awareness - so isn't it a wonderful thing that Aimee Marks of TOM Organic is slowly but surely spreading the word, having made 100% organic feminine hygiene products widely available to us all. TOM have recently taken their range a step further, introducing a maternity range to the mix (just as Aimee gives birth to twins). It is with absolute delight that we welcome Aimee as our October Guest of the Month.

Hi Aimee, thanks for joining us here at THI, and the biggest congratulations on the recent birth of your twins! So can you tell us, what was the catalyst for creating TOM Organic? And what does TOM stand for?

TOM Organic (Time Of Month) came about when I was 18 and I was tired of tampons falling out in my handbag all the time. I started by redesigning the packaging as part of a high school assignment but as soon as I read the ingredients list (which contained synthetics, conventional pesticide sprayed cotton and other nasties) my focus changed completely. My vision for TOM Organic has always been for every woman in the world to know about, and have access to, chemical free / organic feminine hygiene products.

It really is important to read the ingredients, not just on food, but on all products used on the body too. How would you emphasise the importance of steering away from those ingredients on the back of the box that we can’t pronounce. What nasty effects can they have on our bodies?

It really is all about removing as many chemicals as you can from your life – food, beauty products, cleaning products – if there is an environmentally friendly alternative that works then use it! There are always going to be factors that are more difficult to have control over, like if you live in a city, your air is going to be more polluted than if you live in the country – but if you can control it, then you should.

Your products care for our bodies on the inside, but also for the environment outside. How do these philosophies translate to your own daily routine?

It can be as simple as looking at products that we use every day - like toilet paper and choosing a brand that actually cares about the future of our planet. I buy Who Gives a Crap toilet paper because it’s 100% recycled and they give 50% of their profits to Wateraid. It also comes in awesome packaging and gets delivered straight to my door! I buy local and seasonal whenever I can – I shop at farmers markets and I’m conscious of my purchases. I also grow simple things in my garden, not everyone has time to take care of a full on veggie patch (including me) but just about everyone with an outdoor space can grow herbs and a fruit tree. Start small – go from there.

Well the launch of your maternity range was good timing! Tell us about this new line.

What began as a journey to create organic feminine hygiene quickly evolved into a journey to support and nourish women at every stage in their lives. So developing a maternity range felt like a natural step for us. It is the number one turning point for women to switch to organic products for their babies – we think it’s equally important for new mums to have the purest imaginable choices too.

What challenges do you face in terms of spreading the word? And what can we all do to help?

Education is key! I want every woman to know there is a chemical free option out there and the reasons why they should always choose organic over conventional products. Education starts by spreading the word. We have built our brand on that ethos and it really has worked. If every person reading this article talks to a sister, friend, mum or cousin about TOM Organic, you will already be helping spread the word. And go to your local pharmacy or health food store and ask them to stock TOM if you can’t see it on the shelf!

Finally, where can we buy your product and find you online?

You can find our feminine hygiene range and maternity pads at all Coles and Woolworths supermarkets nationally, as well as local health food stores and selected IGA’s. Nursing pads can be found in selected health food stores and national pharmacies. Our entire range is also available through our online store.


Today, we have a TOM 'love pack' to give to one lucky lady (or man, for their lady :) ). This gift is valued at $50 and includes your choice of the following:

A). A six month supply of sanitary products (your choice of pads/tampons or mixed).
B). A new mother maternity pack (a choice of the new line of maternity pads, nursing pads or sanitary pads). 

So, in 25 words or less, tell us in the comments below why using a toxic free TOM Organic product is so important to you.

Competition is open to Australian residents only. Winners will be chosen COB Monday 27 October 2014.



October 24 2014

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