I'll run my race and you run yours, that cool? (My thoughts around food judgement).

By Amy Crawford

Listen up because I've got some very exciting news for you to today (brace yourselves). I am hereby giving you permission to choose what you feed your body each and every day. Yep, you can choose what you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In fact I'm even giving you permission to choose what you eat in between. Whatever your dietary preference is, go nuts. Vegan, paleo, vegetarian, pescatarian, whole food..I'm not fussy and I'm passing no judgement (judgement being the operative word here, make a mental note of that).

There's just one catch, you have to choose foods that make YOU feel good, that sustain YOU throughout the day and give YOU the energy you need to smash your to do list, run up that mountain, lift those weights, drive 50 km's and remain focussed on the road. You have to choose foods that add value to your health and to your life. Of course I don't expect perfection (because perfection is unattainable and soul destroying), I just expect YOU to make choices that are your own, that are not driven by latest fads (in the media or on social media), by what the 'Jones's' are eating.

You're probably sitting there thinking "but I don't need your permission anyway Amy, so nick off!" and you'd be quite right, you don't need my permission, nor do you need anyone else's. Because you are your own person with your own genetic make up, your own very specific dietary requirements and an appetite that varies according to your (very individual) energy output each day, as an example. But there's more. You are also your own moral being who chooses to live a life in a certain way, consciously or unconsciously, with values that are your own and nobody elses.

Sometimes I knowingly make the wrong food choices for my body, food choices that may appear healthy from the outside but will not sustain me and enable me to operate at my best (typically the result of an empty pantry). Let me give you an example. Yesterday I ate a vegan breakfast comprised of paleo granola, coconut yoghurt and berries. I topped that with some maca powder for good measure. I also drank a cold pressed green juice. At lunch time I ate a green smoothie comprised of raw greens, avocado, cooked quinoa and some rice protein powder. I made those choices whilst at the same time knowing that I was going to 'pay'...in the matter of two short hours after lunch. You see, by 3pm yesterday I started fatiguing badly, I couldn't concentrate, I felt muddled and to make matters worse I started getting slightly blotched vision. Others can see that I start going pale. 

Why you may ask? Because my body will not ALLOW me a vegan diet. My body is DIFFERENT to yours. MY body requires high quality protein in order for me to function, I have no choice in the matter. If I ate a vegan diet for 48 hours I'd collapse, in fact I wouldn't even last 48 hours. If I attempted a juice fast for just 10 hours I'd be cactus. 

I make choices for my body that are right for me. I do not seek permission or approval, nor do I pass judgement on others for choices they make. Whilst my body requires that I eat fish, eggs and meat I believe in a balanced approach to eating and support sustainable agricultural practises. I buy local where ever I can, I know where my food comes from. I live consciously. 

Which leads me to the significant point of my post - it is never ok to judge others on their food choices, to criticise them for feeding their body what it needs and craves. If you're following bloggers or instagrammers whose approach to food and eating differs markedly to your own bodily requirements and values (and that upsets you), why not instead find your own tribe, find inspiration in those with similar interests and requirements to your own? 

My mission is to inspire those who choose to follow my journey, those who share similar diet philosophies, by sharing those messages and learnings that impact positively on my life. My mission is not to convert the masses, to pass judgement on others. 

I'll run my race and you run yours, but if you'd like to run with me you are so very welcome to join my journey.

*In Sydney this Thursday 20 November we will be talking more about healthy food choices at the Detox your Pantry event. Limited tickets are still available here. We would love to see you there.

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November 18 2014

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