Over indulged and feeling yuck? 5 revitalising tasks that will take you 20 minutes, max!

By Sarah Elizabeth John

Feeling a little rotund and sluggish after yesterdays partaaay? We all love a good quick fix don't we so get out of bed! Hop to it, in 20 minutes you'll be back on top. 5 quick tasks for you, get cracking!!

1. Tea.
Run to the kitchen and whack on the kettle. Find a caffeine free blend (think mint, dandelion, liquorice root or green) in your pantry and create a milk free brew. Throw a few ice cubes into the black tea to cool it down on this hot day (and so you can "slam it back" in one guzzle - I told you this was going to be quick!) 

*If you're not yet moving as fast as me add a slice of lemon. Brilliant detoxifier! But you know, by the time it's taken slooow ol' you to slice that citrus you could be on to number 2 ;)

2. Probiotic.
Bet you might have done a number on your gut bacteria profile yesterday. Our guts are amazingly adaptable but I'm quite sure you didn't do it any favours. Pop a probiotic. That was a 2 second job.

Ok, where are we at, 5 minutes down?

3. Move.
I'm giving you 10 minutes to walk around the block. I know the couch is calling your name but low level moving like walking assists the emptying of the GI tract. You don't need to go smash yourselves in this heat. Don't underestimate the power of fresh air and sun. Get moving and get the residuals of your hefty holiday meal out of your system!

4. Bitters.
Ok, you're home. Back into the kitchen you go, a few dashes of bitters in filtered water (and optional lemon - are we up to lemon yet ;) in a glass. This age old remedy is based on the healing and digestive stimulating powers of the bitter herbs. Great for tummy aches and bloating.

5. Shower.
Now you're all hot and sweaty jump in a cool shower or bath. If you're feeling tense from socialising (as is the case with some introverted sorts), and you're still feeling like a santa sack full of nerves, the soothing water will do you worlds of good. Rehydrate your skin with some beautiful chemical free lotions and listen to soothing tunes whilst you sip on your bitters brew.

The clock has stopped! You can relax, and I'll stop yelling like a sergeant at you. Those sheets pictured above still look mighty fine.. What you do with the rest of your day (now you're feeling infinitely better) is up to you.

How about a light smoothie for lunch




December 26 2014


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