Coffee versus tea - the age old debate. Is it time to energise a different way?

By Amy Crawford

What's the bet that post Christmas you fall into one of two camps: a) a state of luxurious relaxation, or b) exhausted from excessive holiday cheer (put your hand up party animal!). 

Either way there's a good chance you're reaching for the cup of caffeine to get you going this week. I'd like to point out that there is another energising way!

This week I've been giving the Energy Tea from Your Tea a go. The main ingredient is ginseng, which is actually a very powerful natural energy booster. The thing about ginseng is that it is an adaptogen, which means they 'adapt' to exactly what your body needs. Feeling low energy and a bit mopey and tired?  Adaptogens serve to shake things up. Equally, if you're already in a state of overdrive, they will help to calm and balance (especially important in terms of hormonal balance).

Alongside ginseng, the citrus peels and mint get the endorphins going and assist in cleansing the body and awakening your senses, green tea pumps you full of antioxidants and Du Zhong offers anti-inflammatory benefits to ease out any post festive aches and pains. 

Often coffee can serve as an adrenal stress (which as you know, I know a bit about), so if you feel like you are starting your year with a little nervous and/or excitable energy, this tea is a great alternative. If the idea of completely forgoing your coffee on a daily basis sounds stressful too, why not alternate days and mix it up for the sake of your body and health this year. Just a thought.

You can read more about Your Tea and purchase any of their gorgeously crafted, Chinese Medicine practitioner approved, tea range right here

It's pretty simple to make your own tea in your garden too, we put together a step by step guide for you.

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January 09 2015


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