5 things I'm committing to doing this year for the sake of my health and happiness

By Amy Crawford

I've been doing a bit of thinking of late about what I can do to really optimise my health and wellbeing this year, to make sure that my lifestyle remains balanced, my health in check and importantly, that there is laughter and happiness abound.  This thinking took me back to 2014 and a reflection on those activities or habits that made me feel really, really good. As far as I'm concerned doing anything that makes you feel really, really good is worthy of repeating, often. So here goes.

1. Take regular naps, any day of the week that your body requires, guilt free.

Ok so I appreciate this isn't easy for those of you who don't work from home, but even if you don't, napping should be guilt free when you need it and when it's physically possible. I'm well aware that listening to my body (and stopping when it needs me to) has not always been a strength of mine, in fact it was always my biggest weakness and was highlighted when that need to 'push' (incessantly) saw me flat on my back with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  This year, in an effort to keep my energy consistent (and to enable me to do all the things I want to do), as soon as my body tells me it needs rest, I'm listening. 

2. Drink a green juice or smoothie every day.

This doesn't need much explanation except to say I'm not making any more "can't be bothered to clean that damn machine today" excuses. The fact is raw greens give me a sense of vitality, within minutes of drinking them down (whether I enjoy the green combo or not). Enough said.

3. Incorporate a fun, social form of exercise into every week.

I move every day, mostly in the form of 1-2 hours walking, so this commitment isn't about moving more, it's about having more fun whilst I do. Last year I had a mighty fun time mixing up the exercise and moving in ways that make me laugh and involved others. For instance, I grew up playing loads of tennis and table tennis and loved it, but life got busy and I let those fun habits slide. This year I'm committing to making tennis and table tennis a regular part of my movement regime. And if there's an opportunity to go dancing, I'm all over that too.

4. Do something for, or give something to, at least one person every single week, without expecting anything in return.

Around mid last year things started feeling a bit hard - my health wasn't fantastic, I was working too hard (and not having enough fun), I felt very strongly that I wasn't in the flow (I'm going to write more about this some time soon). At that point I readjusted many things in my life and decided to come right back to basics. I concentrated on doing those things that raised my vibration because as we know, the more you give the more you receive. Giving to others is one of the best ways to do this. Whether it be home made jam on a doorstep, a postcard in the mail, some left overs for your neighbour, it doesn't matter. Giving without expecting anything at all FEELS GOOD.

5. Once a month, tick something off the "I'd really love to try or do that" list.

I'm guilty of saying this and not following through, often. Well enough already. This year I'm working through that list. I'm going to do that knife skills course (I so badly need), I'm going to jump on the plane and go to 'those' places, I'm going to work my way through my 'Melbourne Walks in Nature' card deck, I'm going to jump back on a horse...you name it, I'm going to do it. 



January 15 2015


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