NEW RELEASE! Our 'Nourishing Kids' eBook has arrived! + A GIVEAWAY.

By Amy Crawford

25 nut, gluten and refined sugar free recipes for the little people in your life!

Say a big "HEY!" to the third addition to the ‘A Nourishing Kitchen’ eBook family, ‘Nourishing Kids’!

Our very first kids recipe book was born out of a desire to extend the ‘whole foods’ reach from the big kids to the little kids. It’s here to help mums, dads, grandparents and carers better nourish children, to help incorporate (read: hide!) goodness into their food wherever possible.

Download Nourishing Kids here. It is just $12.95!

So, what’s inside?

• 4 sections covering all kiddie bases!

Little people get the very best start with the nourishing “Breakfast” options. Then off to school they go with a “Lunchbox” packed to the brim with an exciting recess and lunch. Colourful “Party Time” treats will inspire your kid’s friends to eat healthier. And the “Tea Time” section has kid’s rumbling tummies sorted after a hard day of doing what kids do best.

• Food intolerance and allergy friendly recipes.

The thing that makes this eBook stand apart is that it's entirely nut free - so important for the kids in the school playgrounds these days. Gluten free, refined sugar free and additive free too.

(Don't forget that A Nourishing Morning includes a table that details how to easily substitute eggs in baking, if your kids have egg intolerances too).

• Many recipes are vegetarian and vegan friendly. 

Or could be easily adjusted to suit. All recipes (bar 1 of the most delicious cheesy pizza crusts you will ever eat) are dairy free too.

• HEAPS of handy tips to sneakily hide veggies and other goodness in delicious foods.

Avocado inside chocolate bliss balls? Quinoa inside muffins? Spinach in ice cream?! WHAT! Shhhhh... Your secret is safe with us!

• A bright and colourful, beautifully styled eBook 

Each recipe is accompanied with a gorgeously styled full colour photograph, taken by me in my own home. Each recipe also contains fool proof instructions for the novice cook. We have taken care to balance sweet and savoury recipes throughout the sections too. Ask the kids to help cook with you!

• This eBook is fully interactive

This means you can click between the contents page and recipes with ease. It also links to a few recipes on our website that may be of use in your cooking endeavors, and to complementary recipes in the book throughout. Now all you have to do is set your iPad or laptop up on your kitchen bench and start cooking!

• Did we mention it is refined sugar free?!

Here’s to stable energy levels and happy healthy kids that don’t bounce off the walls ☺ Basically we just want to show you that there is a better alternative to all those store bought packet options. Not to mention how easy feeding your kids foods that are free of sugar (and other nasties) can be.

Download Nourishing Kids here. Keep scrolling for our GIVEAWAY!

Once you've made a dish, be sure to document your recreation. Post to Instagram with the tag #nourishingkids and your images will be featured on our website.

Enough said? I think so. We're so excited to share this with you. You can purchase your very own copy right here, for just $12.95.

Looking for big kids recipes too? Check out A Nourishing Kitchen and A Nourishing Morning. Or buy them in the bundle for a discounted price!

A $450 GIVEAWAY... just for subscribers. 

(Become a subscriber here).

To celebrate the launch of ‘Nourishing Kids’ we have an amazing giveaway just for you. It’s the “The Bhumi Family Pack”, valued at $450!

Bhumi is an organic cotton brand that reflects the natural beauty around us. Not only do Bhumi produce exquisite fabrics, they are also sustainable, fair trade and recycled. We love this green living focus! 

So what’s inside the Bhumi prize?

1. Single Tiger Quilt Cover and Sheet Set ($139)
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10. Pillow Cases ($39)

To be in the draw, tell us in 55 words or less below why our new Kids book would make an important addition to the little people in your life. Comp closes 4pm Monday 9 March. 

We hope you love our eBook! We had fun creating it for you! Download Nourishing Kids for just $12.95 here.



March 05 2015

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