The amazing essential oils that get on (and under) my skin.

By Amy Crawford

When things (or people) keep reappearing in our paths it ultimately makes us stand to attention; you get so many nudges that you realise there's obviously a message there somewhere and worthy of paying it (or them) a little more attention.

So it is that I've been introduced to the power of aromatherapy essential oils and after months of "I'm just too busy to get my head around them" (let alone working out how to apply them) I finally stood to attention and have been road testing said (doTERRA) oils for a couple of months to see what all the fuss was about. So far so (very) good.

Last winter my gorgeous friend Jackie (wellness coach and nurse) came to stay. Complaining of a headache Jackie whipped out a little brown bottle and started applying it's content to my temple (its very potent contents by the smell of it). I asked her what on earth she was doing and she said this magical oil, by the name of Frankincense, would sort my head tension out in no time at all. Sure enough, ten minutes later I was tension free. So began my doTERRA education.

Knowing my health history (namely CFS and adrenal fatigue) Jackie (who has been an avid supporter of these oils for some time) was quick to recommend oils she considered beneficial to me during my recovery, oils that would complement my diet and lifestyle. Since that time I've introduced a few extras and having trialled them for a couple of months thought I'd share them with you today. 

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The king of the oils, it's seemingly extraordinary stuff. I use a couple of drops mixed in with my serum on my face every night before going to bed (it's said to slow signs of aging and reduce the appearance of blemishes, just for a start). Personally I've noticed my skin looks plumper. I also pop a drop on my temples at the first sign of head tension. I take a couple of drops under my tongue each day to help build immunity and to help with a healthy inflammatory response. It's expensive but a little bit goes a LONG way.


Given issues I've had in the past with heavy metal toxicity, I started oregano for its purifying and antioxidant properties. Every night I rub a drop or two onto the soles of my feet (the only place on my body I would apply this potent oil directly without dilution). The next step is to start taking a couple of drops in water each day to help boost my immune system and, once I've finished my existing cleaning products, I'll be mixing it with water to use as a surface spray. I recently learnt that I could also add this to spaghetti bolognese in replacement of dried oregano - handy! 

Smart & Sassy

This is an awesome blend consisting of grapefruit, lemon, ginger, peppermint and cinnamon. Promoted as a healthy metabolism tool, I use this to help boost my metabolism (which almost slowed to standstill during my recovery). Significantly for me, the cinnamon stabilises blood sugar and helps reduce cravings (this I can definitely vouch for!). I take a couple of drops in water twice a day. 

Lavender Peace (Serenity in the States)

This is my favourite oil blend to date and one I use multiple times per day to help keep me calm and promote relaxation (vital for those of us with adrenal fatigue). One of its core ingredients is lavender renowned for its use in calming and soothing, perfect for those of you working on reducing stress levels (have a read of the abstract in this research article) and cortisol, one of my biggest challenges (read any of these!).

I pop a couple of drops on the backs of my hands and neck each morning and during the day if needed, and again at night to help promote a sound sleep. This blend has also become my daily perfume in place of toxic, chemical laden alternatives. I also now use it in an oil burner in my therapy room with clients. 

So that's as far as I've got with my oil useage and I'll be honest, I'm feeling a tad hooked, not only because of doTERRA's awesome reputation (and associated plethora of research articles on the matter of essential oils) but because of their beneficial effect on my well being. I've just put in another order as I'm eager to grow my selection and incorporate more of them into my cooking and cleaning products and to share them with clients, to complement my CTC therapy practise. I'll be sure to share my experiences as I go. 

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So what are your experiences with essential oils? How have they impacted on your life? What's your favourite way to incorporate them? I'd dearly love your feedback. 


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April 21 2015


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