Detox your life in 30 days (with an expert to show you how).

By Amy Crawford


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Just over 3 years ago my Doctor produced me with a 30 page document detailing toxicity readings off The Richter Scale. These results told us all we needed to know about why I was so very unwell. The report included a a 'prescription for health', a daily protocol that I was to follow to detoxify my life over many, many months. My first step however was to go home and immediately start clearing my environment of harmful toxins. Overwhelming, much? You bet. 

Chronic illness or not, we are in a position to control a huge proportion of toxicity in our environment and in turn reduce or even eradicate the onset of disease. 

But first, why is it so important that we all start living a low tox life....asap? 

Well, here are some rather scary facts:

- It is thought now by many scientists that the class of chemicals that are 'hormone disruptors' contribute to early puberty, low sperm counts, elevated risk of breast cancer and reproductive cancer, endometriosis and polycystic ovarian syndrome. These can be found in most personal care products and food packaging on the supermarket shelf. 

- In a study commissioned by environmental group (EWG) in 2009, high levels of 200 chemicals were found in the cord blood of the 10 U.S. infants tested. This means that our chemical loads are being passed on to our offspring. After just a few months of learning the low tox language, we can change this for future bubs.

- Australia uses 5.6 billion single use plastic shopping bags per year (did I just say billion?!).

- Most red lipsticks contain lead and most makeup and skin care contains some form of petroleum.

- There are on average 350,000 microbeads of plastic in 1 tube of mainstream body and face scrubs. Where do you think they end up? They head straight to our our waterways every time we use them.

That was a bit scary! So, where to from here?

Well you're kinda lucky, because one very special lady has simplified this process for you no end. Alexx Stuart, a qualified health coach on a mission to help people live their best low tox life, has spent YEARS researching such topics and has combined all of her knowledge and turned it into a 30 day eCourse, 'Your Low Tox Life'.

Over 30 days, you will come to know the low tox options for practically EVERYTHING, and by the time you're done, you'll feel awesome about it - no longer scared by the niggling unknown!

Check out the topics included!

Day 1: Before we can fly, it’s important to get grounded

Day 2: A stocktake day.

Day 3: Endocrine disrupting chemicals – the rest of them!

Day 4: A Low Tox Mind with a meditation led by Katie Kendall

Day 5: Low Tox Home Cleaning – Kitchen, bathroom and multipurpose

Day 6: Low Tox Laundry

Day 7: Low Tox Face – Cosmetics, skincare & men’s face & shaving

Day 8: BODY: Scrubs, lotions, suncare and self tanning

Day 9: The Antibacterial Train – Are we ‘too clean’?

Day 10: Personal Hygiene – Pits, time of the month, sexy time

Day 11: A Low Tox Mind and meditation with Grant Lyndon

Day 12: Detoxing from chemicals - over 50 ways to do it safely.

Day 13: Low Tox Make UP

Day 14: Low Tox Kids

Day 15: Low Tox Hair & Nails

Day 16: Plastic Free Living – Going LOW plastic in a high plastic world

Day 17: Teeth, fluoride and water filtration

Day 18: Low Tox Mind Series – with Tom Cronin

Day 19: Cookware & Bakeware the low tox way!

Day 20: Food Storage

Day 21: Wastage – food AND packaging

Day 22: Low Tox Conversations – When people don't understand your decision to go low tox

Day 23: The Low Tox Bedroom

Day 24: Your Low Tox Clothes

Day 25: A very delicious kind of meditation

Day 26: A low tox home – Heavy Metals

Day 27: A low tox home – Dust and Mould

Day 28: A low tox home – pest repellants – personal, home & garden

Day 29: Electromagnetics & WiFi

Day 30: Low Tox Wrap – Yipee we did it! Resources & further reading recommendations

This is what you get!

✓ Daily emails to send you through to the day’s materials

✓ Daily private Facebook group support

✓ Daily content-rich topics

✓ Daily cheat notes for those busy days

✓ Over 1000 of my best product swap options, tips and ideas throughout the course

✓ My little black book of documentaries and trusted shopping sites

✓ Exclusive discounts from many wonderful course partners

✓ Over $1000 in giveaways over the 30 days, which you are automatically entered into, just for enrolling in the course!

✓ Premium options to extend your features and add bucket loads of continuing value long after the course is done!

Each day for 30 days (Saturday excepted), you receive an email that sends you to that days mixed media materials. Sometimes there is an accompanying guest expert interview along with the text and tips - you will even be able to download the interview transcripts if you are hearing impaired or simply prefer reading with a cup o' tea! You'll have Saturdays off for catch up time & to take the week's topics in, and you'll have Sunday's for relaxation and meditation topics.

This round of the Low Tox Life e course marks the 4th round and 1st anniversary of this e course. Over 1000 people have been through this course and testimonials range from: 

"You've changed our lives forever for the better"


"Thanks to this course we were finally able to conceive"

(Wow, isn't that an amazing thought).


"I feel better than I've felt in years".

If you want a piece of that action, you'd better join next round... 

Course enrolments are NOW OPEN. The course kicks off on the 26th of October. For all the info you need, just click here.

Note: I am an affiliate for this eCourse and will receive a small amount of commission for any sales made via this post. Please know we only share products and services that we believe are of value to the lives of our followers. 



May 12 2015


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