This is when life really happens. A 4 minute video.

By Amy Crawford

These days there's a book by my bed that brings me much joy. That book is JOM (Journey of Me) by Wellineux, a gorgeous 8 month wellness guide that brings much inspiration and comfort to those on their wellness journey. Today I wanted to share with you a quick 4 minute video interview with Wellinuex. 

"It is truly difficult for people to be themselves in today's world and I see this a lot in my (CTC) therapy practice ...for so many people there's this underlying feeling of not being good enough which brings about a fear of judgement, a fear of what others think. It's a constant challenge for people to get to that point where they realise they are amazing just the way they are; and to just follow their own journey, to speak their truth and be them; and that's when life really happens. "

If you'd like to get your hands on this glorious journal you can do so here.


(Please note, we receive a small commission for every sale of this gorgeous book. Do know however that we would never promote a product or service that we did not feel would add value to the lives of this community). 



June 19 2015

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