This journal should always be by your side.

By Amy Crawford


Imagine yourself healthy, happy, living the life you’ve always dreamed of – the life you’ve always known was meant for you.

You sleep soundly each night and wake in the morning, refreshed and excited at the possibilities of the day ahead of you. Your friends and family enrich your life. They’re lucky to have you, and you them. Even your career is a source of joy, with a clear future and a sense of accomplishment at the end of each day. You know what you want in life, and you know that you can handle the curves life throws you. You say “yes” when you mean it and “no” when you want to, leaving you more time for the things that matter – including yourself. You’re focused. You’re motivated. You’re empowered.

Sounds like a dream...

But this could be your reality. It won’t happen overnight – this is no quick fix – and you’ll have to put in the work, but this dream life is a lot closer than you think.

These are the words from the team at Wellineux, the authors of Journey of Me, a book written for people just like you. 

The Journey of Me (JOM) is a self guided, eight month journey to wellness. A journey that extends far beyond just food and exercise. It is an accessible way to start building the best version of your life, a resource you can revisit at any time. In those times when you're feeling lost or overwhelmed the JOM can be there, with daily inspiration and guidance.

This is not a 10-step checklist.

The JOM, at its core, is your very own journey of discovery.

No two people are the same, and so no two paths will be the same. I comment on such thoughts regularly with regard to food - the notion of bio-individuality. Wellineux takes it one step further, incorporating all areas of wellness pictured in the image below. 


As you work through the inspiring JOM you'll begin to identify a clearer vision for your life and your future, accompanied by an intimate knowledge of the steps you can take along the way to bring your reality into better alignment with your desires. The JOM will teach you how to tune into your intuition and your own innate wisdom, simultaneously providing tools to tune out the noise and complexities of everyday life that often cloud our goals and vision. The changes you will make are simple and sustainable. Ultimately this will leave you living a happier life. Your best life.

The JOM is a beautifully presented, personal reminder that allows us to continuously shine our light for all to see.

Where will your Journey of Me lead? Everyone deserves wellness, are you ready to claim it for yourself? If so, you can purchase your very own JOM here.

Hear me speak...

Ok, so whilst I have you! I wanted to let you know about Wellineux's Journey of Me inspired breakfast event series 'Atelier'. I am speaking at the first one and it is tomorrow (Tuesday 28th July)! The theme is 'Discovery', which aligns with the first chapter of the JOM and I'll be detailing my own journey, and providing you with some tips and tricks to assist you with your own.

The event is to be held at The Duke on Flinders Street in Melbourne at 7am. Last minute tickets are still available, so if you have no plans and would like to hear me speak, all the while dining on a nourishing breakfast I'd love to meet you. You'll receive your very own JOM, along with a gorgeous vision board inspired gift box to take home. Giveaways galore too, it's going to be fun.

Read more about the event and secure your ticket online by 8pm tonight here. Limited tickets may also be available at the door.


Please note, we will receive a small percentage for any book sold via this site. Do know however that we only ever promote products and services that align with our core message and will, we believe, add value to the lives of our community. 



July 27 2015

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