THI's exciting new direction - it's time to share the rest of my knowledge!

By Amy Crawford

Not so long ago, after several months of knowing something needed to change in my working life, I made the call to listen to that inner voice and do something about it. I decided it was time to shake things up, not only for the sake of my own stimulation and personal growth but also because fundamentally, creativity breeds creativity (and that can only mean good things for my community). 

I'm nearing 3 years since the birth of THI, a journey with (dare I say) no business plan. In fact, I had no real 'plan' at all. It all started on a self built Wordpress website with a blog post sharing what was to become my signature dish, the sweet cinnamon omelette and a daily commitment to putting one foot in front of the other in a direction that felt right, as fast as my recovering body would allow. That lead to hundreds and hundreds of blog posts - clean living tips, my thoughts around building a positive mindset, recipes galore - any tidbits of info I deemed helpful to those keen to learn and better their lives. With this came a wonderful journey towards becoming a Reiki Master, a CTC Master Therapist, a practitioner of EFT, NLP & Hypnosis, a Health Coach and quite unexpectedly (and all thanks to Instagram for helping me share my whole food message) a recipe book author (seriously, I never saw that one coming).

Indeed, it's been an incredible journey of self discovery (it was only in 2012 that a psychic suggested that I was quite the spiritual how things can change in a heartbeat) and the biggest lesson of all -

If we let go of the need to know how it'll all work out and simply have faith that it WILL all work out

So that leads me to this given moment where I introduce to you what I feel is a natural next step in my journey with THI, Business Coaching. This step will not only satiate my need for continual personal growth but fundamentally I believe it will add value to the lives of many in my community, to the lives of those I meet through my therapy practise every day. I want to share with others how I've turned my passions into reality, by building a career around those passions and creating a lifestyle I'd only ever dreamed of. 

My career spans 20 odd years and in that time I've had the pleasure of building 4 businesses across multiple industries. I've a head full of ideas and learnings and I'd dearly love to help others do what I've done - whether you're started your journey or not. I've come to realise that helping others fulfill their dreams, by turning these dreams into reality, is hugely exciting for me. So, I bring to you the opportunity for one on one coaching anywhere in the world via Skype, a chance for you to pick my brains to the nth degree (excitedly we are also working on an eCourse as an alternative offering and there will be workshops to follow.. watch this space).

This being said, nothing else will change. Each week we will continue to share the messages that cumulatively have brought us all together in this inspiring community. It's simply a new 'string to my bow', another step in a wonderful, ever transformational journey.

GIVEAWAY!  (** Please note all complimentary sessions have now been snapped up!)
With ALL that said and in celebration of this new and exciting journey, I'd love to offer the first three confirmed clients a complimentary one hour coaching session to the value of $250 in conjunction with any of the three packages offered. This offer is open to everyone, nationally and internationally.

Is this something that may be of benefit to you? You'll find further information here regarding the three coaching packages offered. Alternatively, feel free to email me




August 04 2015

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