5 of the best kitchen cleaning hacks.

By Amy Crawford

Kitchen Cleaning Hacks

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I love things clean but I'll be honest, I don't always love the cleaning part. I am constantly looking for quick and easy ways to get things sparkling without having to use the elbow grease and more importantly, without having to use harsh chemicals. I’ve talked before about our daily exposure to toxins (I urge you all to have another read) so today I am following up with some incredibly simple, toxic free cleaning recipes that you can implement in your home right now.

With just a few simple ingredients such as bicarb soda, vinegar, water and essential oils you will simultaneously reduce your toxic load, have THE best smelling house in the street and never walk the cleaning isle of the supermarket again. That my friends, sounds good to me!

Kitchen Cleaning Hacks

A word on essential oils

Not all essential oils are created equal. The aim of the game here is to be reducing the toxins, you absolutely do not want to be using essential oils full of nasty synthetics. Please do check the back of every essential oil bottle you find at a chemist or supermarket. My oil of choice is doTERRA - amongst the most pure and potent essential oils on the market and certified pure therapeutic grade. 

Here's my top 5 for cleaning:

Peppermint oil: combined with its natural antibacterial properties, peppermint oil has the most refreshing minty aroma that will give your home that ‘clean’ smell.

Wild Orange oil: a powerful cleanser and purifier, it is great at neutralising odours and pairs beautifully with peppermint and lemon.

Lemon oil: this is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to cleaning due to its purifying properties. It cuts through grease and grime like no other and due to its mood lifting properties can help make you feel at least a little happier about cleaning!

Tea Tree oil: this is best known for its purifying, antiseptic and antibacterial properties. It is an absolute must have oil when it comes to toxic free cleaning.

OnGuard: one of doTERRA's most popular ready-made blends. The combination of oils is said to have incredible cleansing and purifying benefits, a perfect choice when it comes to cleaning.

Kitchen Cleaning Hacks

1. Vacuum Freshener

Ever noticed how vacuum cleaners end up acquiring a bit of an odour? This quick trick is incredibly effective at neutralising odours inside the vacuum while simultaneously freshening the surrounding air. 

  • Take a 3cm square piece of paper and add 4 drops of Peppermint oil and 4 drops of Wild Orange oil. Vacuum up the paper and smell the wonderful aroma knowing that your trusty vac is having an internal clean

2. Microwave Cleaner

This quick technique will change the way you feel about cleaning the microwave. It is incredibly quick and will leave your microwave looking (and smelling) sensational. 

  • Fill a microwave proof glass bowl with 1 cup of water. Add 10 drops of Lemon essential oil and cook on high for 2 minutes. Leave bowl (with door closed) for a further 5 minutes then open the door and wipe your microwave out. You may need to repeat this process but that really depends on the state of your microwave!

3. All Purpose Spray

Daily, many use an all-purpose spray or antibacterial wipes when it comes to surfaces and table tops. This is one recipe that has a big impact on reducing the toxic load in your home.

  • In a glass spray bottle, combine ½ cup of vinegar, ½ cup of water, 2 tablespoons of rubbing alcohol* and 15 drops of OnGuard. Shake before each use and spray.

You could also use a combination of Lemon, Tea Tree and OnGuard oils.
* Rubbing alcohol is available at your local chemist, it is a surgical spirit. Isocol is an example of one brand. 

5 Kitchen Cleaning Hacks

4. Dishwasher Cleaner

Dishwashers work hard for us and sometimes they need a bit of TLC. This is such an easy and incredibly effective way at giving your dishwasher an intensive clean without the use of harsh chemicals. Select hard working essential oils for this recipe like Lemon, Wild Orange or Tea Tree.

  • Empty your dishwasher. Fill a microwave proof glass with 1 cup of white vinegar and 10 drops of essential oil/s. Place cup on the top rack of your dishwasher and run a normal cycle. Let the vinegar and oils do their work.

5. Foaming Drain Fizz

Drains are another place that can sometimes be on the nose. Before you reach for the harsh chemicals (or the plumber) try this:

  • In a bowl, combine a cup of bicarb soda with 10 drops of Lemon – mix well. Pour the baking soda mixture down the drain, followed by a cup of white vinegar. Let sit for a few minutes than flush well with hot water.

So, what do you think? Do you think you could easily incorporate some of these tips into your life? I wonder if you have any other super simple cleaning hacks to share with us all? 


Purchasing essential oils.

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February 07 2018

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