At what point did we start choosing supplements over whole foods? (+ a Giveaway!)

By Amy Crawford

It's extraordinary isn't it, that we've got to a place where our obsessive over reliance on medicine and supplements means we're turning to pill bottles for our daily nutritional requirements.

Instead of selecting a beautiful array of produce including fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds and legumes, foods specifically designed to heal our bodies, to help our bodies reach a state of harmonious equilibrium, we're spending hundreds if not thousands a year on laboratory made pills.

Don't get me wrong, there is a time and a place for supplements and medicines, that's for certain. I myself take daily iron and fish oil supplements because for a couple of reasons my varied whole food diet is not enough, for the time being anyway. I also take a daily probiotic on top of supplementing my diet with probiotic rich foods, a necessity for the time being it seems. 

Where we can, let's do our bit to inspire and educate others to make better food choices. Let's inspire friends and family to invest their money into quality produce. Let's see our hard earned dollars in the pockets of farmers, not pharmaceuticals. 

Speaking of whole food inspiration, we've got a GIVEAWAY! 

This Saturday 7th November in Melbourne welcomes the Wellness Foodies Expo, a one day event focussing on beautiful whole foods and ethically sourced products designed to nourish your body and soul. A community building opportunity, the event is a chance for producers and customers to come together. With 10% of the profits going to ActionAid, a global movement of people working to further human rights and end poverty, this is a wonderful event I'm delighted to get behind. 

Today we are giving away 2 free tickets to Saturday's event. To be in the running, simply leave a comment below of 50 words or less, letting me know why whole foods are so important to you. 

Winners will be drawn at random Thursday morning 5th November and must be a THI subscriber. 

For more information or to grab tickets:



November 04 2015


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