Interested in acquiring a nutrition qualification? Weigh up your options and read this.

By Amy Crawford

As the old saying goes: ‘out with the old and in with the new’.

I've recently been introduced to a brand new Australian nutrition course that I'd like to share with those of you keen to further your knowledge in the health and wellness space. Have a read and see what you think. There's lots of things to consider when contemplating study that's for certain, hopefully this will help the thought processes. At the end of the day any commitment such as this needs to 'feel' right to you. 

The Changing Habits Online Nutrition Course, created by acclaimed nutritionist Cyndi O'Meara, is based on the vitalistic philosophy of food and nutrition aiming at simplifying the density of food and nutrition, in order to allow individuals to be influenced and affected by sustained and holistic lifestyle changes. This course promises to provide the learner with a widespread knowledge and understanding of the latest nutritional trends influencing health and wellbeing. 

From the founder:
“When I studied nutrition 30 years ago, I found what was taught at university quite frustrating.
It has been a dream of mine to create an education course. I was constantly asked, ‘Cyndi where can I learn the type of information you teach?’ but I found it very difficult to point people in the right direction. To me, it’s more than just teaching and giving people information, it’s helping to develop a set of skills for students to become critical thinkers – that is to research, to investigate, and to have the ability to analyse research articles and scientific studies on nutrition, food and health.”
Cyndi O'Meara
Founder of Changing Habits 

So, who is this course for?
The theme amongst students who have enrolled thus far is a passion for nutrition and health and the desire to want to learn more. It's the notion that every day they are constantly moving towards better health. Having the ability to share good health with others certainly becomes an added bonus.

Students currently enrolled fall into one or all of the following categories:
- Passionate about health and food
- Working in the health industry and looking to expand on their professional career
- Mums who want to improve their own life and the lives of their family and community
- People who want to make a difference and teach people about health and nutrition
- Looking for a career change and are passionate about health

How is the course delivered?
The Changing Habits Nutrition Course is delivered online. It is self paced and designed to be completed in 12 months. However for the busy peeps amongst you, know that you can take up to 24 months to complete it.

Each module has four lessons, and each lesson has an assessment to complete. Once you have completed the assessment in the preceding module, the following module will become available. This allows you to progress through the course at your own pace.

To assist with your learning, each module has a video by Cyndi as well as a reading; viewing or internet activities is also provided throughout.

Time and place.
The online nature of the course means students can study the course form anywhere in the world. Upon joining you will be studying alongside Australians, people from the UK, New Zealand, Korea and beyond. 

The average time required to commit to each week is 4-6 hours, to enable you to complete the course within 12 months. Less than an hour on your weeknights, or complete the full 4-6 hours on your weekend. The way you structure your learning is up to you.

What do you receive when you join the Changing Habits Online Nutrition course?
- Access to a secure online education platform, that progresses you through the course at your own pace
- 4 lessons per module, including a video from Cyndi, lesson material, extra reading, viewing or internet activities
- A forum to communicate and connect with other students
- Access to a closed facebook group
- Access to their health mentoring business course
- Regular live webinars for students with Cyndi and other experts
- An annual weekend with Cyndi
- An annual Changing Habits nutrition conference
- Ongoing support with the provision of new and emerging research as it arises
- Affiliate opportunities with Changing Habits
- Post-graduate courses on specific health topics i.e. microbiome

Significantly, upon completion you will receive A Changing Habits Certificate in Nutrition.

What can I do with this certificate in nutrition?
For some, it is about gaining knowledge in health and nutrition. It may be to benefit their own health, or that of a family member or loved ones. It is about creating a ripple effect. When you change your health and lifestyle, you can become an example of change to others. It may start off small, but that change can be a catalyst for change amongst a whole community.

What can I do after I graduate if I want to turn this into a career?
There is an additional free module for students who would like to know how to become a Changing Habits Lifestyle Mentor. This module is offered once a year and is delivered in person by Cyndi at a location on the Sunshine Coast.

Some career opportunities include:
- Starting a business as a health and nutrition mentor 
- Teaching people about foods, reading labels, cleaning out their pantries and what foods to stock for better health
- Start a blog – they will show you how in the business course
- Running events to show people how to cook with real foods
- Conducting group classes on health (they'll show you that too)
- Or simply to enhance an existing career within the health industry

How does this course differ from other nutrition courses?
It is, of course, important to weigh up all your options. When analysing this course I'd encourage you to focus on three elements: nutrition, coaching and business skills - rank them in importance according to what you hope to get out of the course.

As you may well know, I have completed the Institute of Integrative Nutrition Course, you can read about my experiences here. I am not working as a Health Coach specifically however it gave me enough of a foundational knowledge to share in the manner that I do here, and across my platforms. A comment I make in the IIN review was in regards to the lack of depth around nutrition.

Interestingly, here is an insight from a student who has experienced both the IIN course and the Changing Habits course:

"I have completed a Certificate of Health Coach through Integrative Nutrition in New York and really wanted to extend my knowledge of what I had just learnt. The Changing Habits course seemed a lot more in depth looking at the where we have come from, autoimmunity etc. I love the forums as well as it really helps to challenge yourself.”

Monique Micale
Current Student

And some words from a student that highlights the coaching aspect of the Changing Habits course:

“ You learn how to get your thinking hat on to research and continue to ask questions. 
In comparison to the other health coaching course I completed, Changing Habits had a strong scientific approach. The Changing Habits students also get to have webinars with Cyndi to discuss the modules and hear more on what Cyndi is researching. This is content that is up to date research! The course has also opened up an amazing community, and connections to other students. ”

Elspeth Haswell-Smith

What are the qualifications of the founders?

Read about the extensive qualifications of the Changing Habits team here.

What is the investment?

The Changing Habits course is $5997 AUD. Payment plan option available. Note that there are just 80 places available in each intake to ensure an intimate and engaged environment.

If you sign up prior to November 27th you will also receive a bundle to the value of $740 free. You can read about the inclusions in this epic health bundle here.

Still got questions?

Now, if you have any further questions, Cyndi O'Meara (Changing Habits Founder) & Jodie Nolan (Business Course Developer) are running a live Q&A on the 17th of November for potential students. Claim your spot in this webinar here.

Enrolments open for the February intake 2016 on the 17th of November. You can enrol here.

*Please know that we are an affiliate of this eCourse and will receive an affiliate payment for any enrollments. We do however only promote products and services that we feel are of value to our readers.



November 12 2015


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