The #THIkindnessmovement. Will you join us?

By Amy Crawford

Over the weekend I popped some gardening gloves on and proceeded to cut back a rosemary hedge of huge proportions. It seemed very wasteful throwing it into a green bin so I decided to bag it up and pop it out the front of my house. Surely passers by would appreciate a cutting...or 879. Having done so, I took a quick snap and in usual form, posted it to my instagram and Facebook pages, hoping to inspire others to 'think before you throw'. Immediately the posts generated much attention, folks from all over passing comments about this simple act, feeling inspired to share their own garden clippings and other bits and pieces.

I found this reaction really quite interesting.

Of course I knew people would enjoy such a post, who doesn't love kindness displays of any kind. It was more the sense that what I had done was extra-ordinary, an act of kindness that went above and beyond; the sense that people were all of a sudden awakened to consider sharing their own surplus goods, as though the idea had never popped into their minds. Now let's be honest, me popping rosemary out on the street for all and sundry is not what we'd consider an extra-ordinary act of kindness. It's a thoughtful act, yes, just a very simple one.

Is it just me, or does this almost sadden you, that such an act could possible be considered extra-ordinary?

We need more of this. We need to open our eyes to our immediate environments, to our communities, to the neighbours young and old who we pass in the street, whose names we rarely know. We need to share and to care an awful lot more than we do.

The act of giving is a truly splendid one. By giving, we open ourselves up to a beautiful inward and outward flow, attracting abundance into our lives in the process. Kindness, no matter the size of the gesture, is what our communities need and often desire most of all. It's what brings us together.

So this got me thinking.

If kindness doesn't start with us, where will it start? Surely amongst this wonderful community of like minded folk we can inspire greater kindness? Just think, what impact could YOU have on reducing waste? How could you better support the older generations of your community? Do you even realise the huge impact that a simple small deed can have on the mental health of a stranger?

This is my commitment.

Every week, for the foreseeable future, I am going to post my #THIkindnessmovement moment to my Facebook and Instagram accounts. In response, I want you to use my post as a weekly prompt to do the same. This is your weekly kindness reminder. I will be sharing YOUR #THIkindnessmovement moments on my pages, in anticipation of watching this wonderful movement grow.

What might your #THIkindnessmovement moment look like?

You might pay forward a coffee, drop some leftovers on a neighbour's doorstep, send a friend a postcard to tell them you think they're amazing, clear out your fridge of perishables prior to your festive break and hand deliver to someone in need... or leave your abundance of rosemary on the footpath for passers by. Whatever tickles your fancy.

How can you be a part of the #THIkindnessmovement?

You simply need to share your moment with your social media community and tag @theholisticingredient #THIkindnessmovement in the process. In the absence of social media accounts, feel free to leave your photo in the comments below and with your permission I will most certainly be sharing the love. 

Let's do this guys. I'm so excited to see the love and kindness ripple spread!



November 24 2015

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