Let's not forget - everyone is fighting a battle of their own.

By Amy Crawford

Everyone if fighting their own battle 1

Early this morning Wilson and I were pounding the pavement (as we do, every single day). I passed a lady in work suit and trainers, racing seemingly late towards the train station. As she passed I smiled and said good morning. She looked up at me (like I was at least a little odd) and scowled, without so much as a grunt.

I'm a little ashamed to say that the very first words to enter my mind (not lips, fear not) were: "Come on lady, be nice!" only to be followed swiftly by a shift in thought pattern. I immediately took to wondering what was going on in her life. Perhaps she'd just had a fight with her partner or kids; maybe she'd recently been made redundant, or was losing a loved one. Whatever the case, I let my initial thought go and instead sent her love and light. Everyone is fighting a battle.

On we continued to march.

I recently experienced a similar situation in a leading retail store. Walking in to return an item, I was feeling pretty tired this particular morning and not at my most patient. Approaching the desk I stood waiting for the customer service person to raise her head. She didn't. I waited, feeling slightly aghast because I was seemingly the only customer around. I was acutely aware of my underlying annoyance, and how quick to impatience I felt. Eventually she looked up, asked me what I wanted and then, as I started to speak, buried her head in the computer. It appeared she seemed to be concentrating on something else entirely. I stopped speaking, calmly asking her if she was happy to serve me as I needed to move on. She snapped at me rudely asking me to "just hold on".

Not an altogether unusual scenario I appreciate, we've all been there. Yet in moments like these, it is very easy for us to react with anger and frustration, regardless of the pettiness of the situation. I could have spoken up telling her how unsatisfactory her customer service skills were, amazed that in this growing world of online shoppers she could all but ignore a retail customer.

However, I'm rather pleased (and relieved) to say that I didn't. Feeling frustrated and angry in such situations simply isn't good use of our energy (otherwise known as our personal power or vibration). Being kind and showing compassion on the other hand, is very good use of our energy (and pertinent, given like energy attracts like energy - and I'm fairly sure we all hope to manifest more abundance in our lives). Essentially being kind and compassionate makes us FEEL good. So patiently I waited, wondering what was going on in her life to make her appear so utterly disinterested and miserable, and sent her love and light. 

In the words of The Dalai Lama:

If you want others to be happy, practise compassion. If you want to be happy, practise compassion.

Next time you feel like honking your horn and raging at the car infront who just pushed in, stop for a moment and consider the fact he/she could be racing to the emergency room of a hospital. Next time someone snaps at you/ignores you/takes your car park, simply remind yourself that everyone is fighting a battle of their own.

Send them some love and light. Then breath and march on.

How does this resonate with you? How do you find yourself reacting in the face of rudeness?

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Everyone is fighting a battle of their own



January 07 2016

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