A truly holistic 9 week healthy lifestyle program I'm happy to recommend.

By Amy Crawford

Healthy lifestyle program

We've seen them all haven't we; programs promising rapid weight loss and great abs in weeks (even days), radiant skin and fitness levels to boot; weight loss programs that promise the world ...but in the end leave you feeling stranded and like a failure, because let's be honest, how many shortlived programs produce life long results? How many focus on producing healthy lifestyle results for the long term? Very few, if not none.

Are you ready to feel amazing? 

When I was approached to be a mindset expert on the 9 week Happy Body Formula program I was stoked to be involved and even more happy to tout its value. It's the first program I have seen that incorporates everything we need to consider to make significant, lasting change to our lifestyle; a truly holistic program that doesn't omit the significant stuff - like reducing your toxic load, learning how to set up your pantry, the significance of gut health and my favourite topic - building a more positive mindset to help manifest the life you dream of.  

It doesn't take a rocket science to tell us that there is a significant issue with our mainstream diet and lifestyle; you simply need to check out stats around obesity levels, autoimmune diseases and common nutritional deficiencies. We are chronically stressed, over stimulated and fatigued. Many are glued to electronic screens, devoid of 'outdoorsy' time and nature's healing ways. For all the reasons mentioned here (and some), it's obvious that a simple weight loss/get fit program isn't going to the cut the mustard if you're looking for lasting health and happiness. 

Healthy lifestyle program

So, what does a HAPPY body look like anyway? (and how do you fare?)* 

  • Healthy and stable weight
  • Consistent energy through the day
  • Good sleep and feeling energetic in the mornings
  • Radiant skin, shiny hair and strong nails
  • Healthy digestion, lack of pain or bloating post meals
  • Overall feeling of vitality and being fit
  • Strong immune system and healthy gut flora
  • Natural tiredness before bed, falling asleep easily
  • Focus and clarity through the day
  • Positive outlook, good mood, and feeling motivated
  • Balanced hormones, high libido

What then, does an UNHAPPY body look like? (and how many are relevant to you?)*

  • Over or underweight; frequent sugar and junk food cravings
  • Regular experience of hangry (hungry+angry)
  • Frequent digestive distress, bloating or constipation
  • Poor gut health and weak immune system (e.g. frequent colds)
  • Lack of consistent energy through the day; afternoon tiredness
  • Poor, inconsistent sleep; low energy in the mornings
  • Dull skin and hair, weak nails, skin breakouts, rashes, dark eye circles, puffy face Feeling out of breath walking up the hill; lack of muscle tone
  • Aching joints, lower back pain, weak core and lack of flexibility
  • Lack of focus and clarity
  • Frequent bad mood, irritability, and lack of motivation
  • Raging hormones, low libido 

Interesting isn't it, being happy and healthy requires a lot of consideration and a holistic approach that takes all facets of our lifestyle into consideration.

Calorie counting alone will not bring great health and happiness, that much I can guarantee. 

For those of you who want to be guided, educated, supported and inspired by acclaimed experts in their field; who want to make long term, significant changes to your lifestyle, this program is well worth your consideration. It's full of loads of quality stuff.

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Key highlights of The Happy Body Formula program.

  • 9 week program focussed on building longterm healthy habits
  • Basic nutrition and real food education
  • Emphasis on lifestyle as well as nutrition
  • Weekly meal plans and shopping lists
  • There is NO diet food in the program - just high quality, nutrient dense REAL food! 
  • Nutritionist approved recipes
  • Contributions from global experts in nutrition, exercise, gut health, sleep and happiness
  • An app to track your progress, tick off your to do list and see what your team is eating
  • Tips on how to lessen the toxic load on your body (you'll even learn how to detoxify your home!)
  • A fitness plan that requires only 20 minutes of exercise per day! 
  • A private facebook group with real (human) coaches

Important stuff you probably by now want to know.

In light of the content of this program, I figure it's pretty amazing value:

Regular price:    $149 USD ($200 AUD appx)

The registrations for the next Happy Body Formula program commencing July 5, 2016 are NOW OPEN and as an extra little sweetener, I'm able to offer you $20 USD off the program, simply use HAPPY20 at checkout! 

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Still not sure if it's for you? 

Not only will their amazing coach will be guiding you for the duration of 9 weeks with daily checkins, motivational emails, weekly todo lists and fun community contests, you're guaranteed to stay engaged and on track.

And speaking of guarantees, if you don't see results after 9 weeks, they'll even give you TWICE your money back (yep, that's a 200% guarantee - and a lot of confidence from their part!).

If you're ready for a new challenge, if you're ready to do all that you can to foster a happy, healthy lifestyle for the long term sign up now to the program. 

 Happy Body Formula

* Source: The Happy Body Formula program sample

Please note: I am an affiliate of The Happy Body Formula program and will receive commission for any purchases made. Please know I will only ever promote products and services that I believe will add value to the health and happiness of this community. 



June 27 2016


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