A natural and affordable skin care range that your skin will love.

By Amy Crawford

Natural Instinct Skin Care Range

Over the years I have tried a multitude of skin care brands. Some nearly broke my bank account (but the claims - they promised me so much!), others left my skin feeling tight and dry, many repelled with their synthetic smells. Over much of this time I was ignorant to the specifics; that is, what it was that I was actually piling onto my skin each day and what sort of an impact these products may have been having on my overall health.

Let’s be clear, ignorance is not bliss when it comes to skin care. Far from.

Many commercial skin care brands contain ingredients that cumulatively play havoc on your overall health. Otherwise known as endocrine disruptors, the toxic chemicals in many brands can mimic your hormones to alter the way the endocrine system functions.

Why does this matter? It matters a LOT. 

When your hormones are out of whack you may experience headaches, mood swings, sleep disorders, memory fog, weight gain, constant fatigue.. and the list goes on. Of course, it's not just your skin care that could be wreaking havoc but it's certainly one factor you have full control over.

Enter Natural Instinct's skin care range and my 6 Week Challenge. 

Morning and night, for the last 6 weeks I've been trialling a natural skin care system, a 'challenge' I was asked to undertake morning and night before sharing my thoughts with my community.

Of course I did my research first and this made it more than ok. Natural Instinct have a Natural Ingredient Standard that sees them exclude 400+ non-natural man made ingredients from their range. As we know, that matters, very much.

Each day I have followed the 4 step process below, monitoring results as I went:

  1. Skin Refining Cleansing Oil - two pumps onto a dry face, then massaged into skin with warm water
  2. Plump and Renew Serum – a couple of drops to the face after cleansing – intense hydration!
  3. Rejuvenating Rosehip Oil with Omega Boost – 2-3 drops to the face and décolletage
  4. Nourishing Facial Moisturiser – massaged in gently

Natural Instinct Skin Care Range

Would I recommend this range? Yes I would. Here's why.

It's affordable. You can buy the entire range for less than $80. Heck, I used to buy a moisturiser alone that cost more than that. Know too, you may decide you don't need every step in the range. Prior to trialling this range I was simply cleansing, toning and using a homemade serum. But you know your skin better than anyone; so feed it what it needs. 

It's truly natural. Like 100% free from petrochemicals, PEGs, sulphates, parabens. You get the drill. I've been nourishing my skin with healthy skin food each and every day. No endocrine disruptors in my bathroom thanks very much! 

My skin LOVED it. My skin started feeling plump, not from too many cream puffs plump, but moisture plump. You know the way your skin looks when it's dehydrated? Perhaps after a late night or a glass of wine too many? The fine lines become more prominent (we’ve all been shocked when we look in the mirror of a morning at least once, haven’t we). This range seemed to iron out some of my lines; it's left it feeling softer and brighter, it seems to have improved the overall tone of my skin.

It’s Australian. Reducing the carbon footprint reduces further toxic load on the environment and on our bodies. Enough said.

It’s highly accessible. You can buy their entire range online here or check out their stockists (it’s widely available in pharmacies).

If you’re ready to start taking your health seriously, or maybe it’s time to find more budget friendly options, this Natural Instinct range is a great place to start. Your skin will love it, your health will thank you and your credit card may even sigh with relief.

Whatever the case I’d so love to hear what your skin thinks! Give it a whirl and don't forget to report back, for the benefit of all. 


Please note, this is a sponsored post however I will not receive any commission for products sold. Know that I only ever share products or services on this website that I believe add value to the lives of this community. 



September 05 2017

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