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By Amy Crawford

doterra essential oils

One year ago, based on my personal experience with essentials oils, I decided to build a doTERRA essential oil arm of The Holistic Ingredient. That decision was possibly one of the best decisions I've made since establishing THI in 2012. 

Why doTERRA you ask? Because they are amongst some of the most potent and pure certified therapeutic grade essentials oils on the market. Following my three years experience trialing a huge number of them, I knew full well that if they were changing my life for the better they could be changing the lives of many in this community.

Today I'm reaching out to you, to anyone within my community who is passionate about having a positive impact on the lives of others, to see if you would like to join me on my doTERRA business journey. 

Who might you be? 

  • You're focussed on finding alternative solutions to better the health of you and your family.
  • You find great joy in being of service to others. 
  • You enjoy forging ongoing relationships with people (you must fundamentally, like people). You're motivated with a great work ethic and you don't need me or anyone else to get put fire in your belly each day - heck, you'll even work when no one's watching! 
  • You would dearly love to be your own boss.
  • You're passionate about bettering yourself and you're not afraid to dig deep to do the work within.
  • You're big hearted and prepared to celebrate the success of others, you don't shrink with comparisonitis.

This is why I established an essential oil arm of my business.

Firstly, because I felt I was doing you a disservice by not showing you there was a safe, affordable & effective alternative to many products we use in our lives.

Here's a few examples: 

  • For a simple and cheap homemade alternative to toxic kitchen, bathroom and window spray think white vinegar, water and lemon essential oil
  • For a far safer and again cheaper alternative to expensive commercial face creams combine a carrier oil such as jojoba with a few drops of Frankincense and lavender essential oils
  • Quit running to the pharmacy every time your head pounds. Whip up a diluted ready made blend of lavender and peppermint essential oils and roll on your temples at the first sign of head tension.
  • Feeling anxious? Try a multitude of ready made doTERRA blends or whip up your own roller blend to reapply throughout the day or to diffuse in your home or work space

doterra essential oils in food

Secondly, because I was tired.

Tired of walking this path in business alone. I missed colleagues to bounce ideas off and to share my successes and my failures with. I was tired of working really, really hard (and it was becoming evident in my physical health, forever a sense of two steps forward, one step back). I was tired of never quite achieving the financial goals I'd set for myself following years of chronic illness and the emptied bank account that transpired.  

Finally, if I was to get chronically ill again, THI would stop in its tracks.

Seeing therapy clients, writing blog posts, creating recipes and styling those, all of this would fall to the wayside. This is what happened in my corporate career - illness prevailed and I lost a thriving business. Never again will I allow that to happen.

Fast forward 12 months.

As of September 2017 I've built an essential oil team/community of 600+ folk, that's 600 more homes crowding out the toxic rubbish from their lives, 600 more homes now empowering themselves to better their own health with plant based alternatives. AHMEN.

So what does this mean to me and THI today?

I get to work from anywhere (and do, spending lots of my working weeks seaside with my love).

I get to travel to share to my passion.

I am my own boss.

I get to sell these wondrous bottles of natural medicine, plant based solutions that are changing people's lives the world over.

I get to choose the days and hours that I work (and my hours are lessening with every month, never again will 6 day weeks be my norm!). Soon I'll be working a 4 day week which for my health is very good news.

I get to coach and mentor other women in business who share my passion and have dreams, financial and otherwise, to conquer. Most of these women have never had their own business before. Many of these women are quickly on their way to being successful business owners in their own right.

I've gained many friendships - I have friends whom I call my business partners! How cool is that?

I am not in the slightest bit ashamed to say, that after losing all of my hard earned savings, I'm finally back on track to achieving my financial goals. (I ranked to the rank of Diamond in just 8 months; you can do a little search online to see what that means). I cannot tell you the pressure and the weight lifted and the positive impact this has had on my health.

Ask any self employed business owner what they miss most from their corporate days and it's the comfort of a monthly pay cheque. 

So what is a doTERRA business exactly? 

Authentic network Marketing.

"Aarrrgghhhh" you groan! Well give me a tick to tell you how I managed to wrap my head around that notion, because before I fully understood what that meant I too was probably "aarrgghh'ing" with you. 

The fundamental difference between how you earn money in doTERRA as opposed to your salaried job is that YOU are being rewarded for your hard efforts, not the CEO sitting in his or her plush corner office.

As long as you are willing to put in the action, to work hard, you earn according to your efforts.

Also, in order for you to do well, those in your team have to do well, so you have to support those beneath you and they you in return. This produces the most wonderful sense of community and teamsmanship imaginable. We all need each other, we need to succeed as a team for the good of all, not just for company profits and one person's ballooning bank account.

And you know what it? It works.

This is NOT a pyramid scheme, nothing like one. You could rank to a senior leadership level with doTERRA and have a bunch of people below you achieving that and more, indeed outranking you.

You simply get to work in the most collaborative community I've ever experienced and your success is determined by you and the relationships you develop.

And in any case, why shouldn't you be rewarded for selling a wonderful plant based product (in an industry that is BOOMING, backed by scientific research) in an authentic and transparent way? Why shouldn't you be rewarded for inspiring people to make a better choice for their health? Why shouldn't you be rewarded for helping people save money by finding safer, more affordable alternatives in their home?

You have just as much right to be rewarded for your work as anyone else.

What matters to me, is that if I wasn't earning money from doTERRA I would still be using the oils. The science tells me these products work. My physical, emotional and mental health tells me these products work.  

So what's next for THI? Some of you, I hope!

THI continues to be a combination of everything I feel passionately about, bundled up into a wonderful career.  My mission right now is to get these essential oils into as many households around the world as I can possibly muster; it's to continue to inspire others to a better place of health and happiness. Of course I continue to do this via my therapy practise, through the recipes I create, through the articles I share - these are all facets of my career that I so love and wish to continue.

The difference is that right now I am part of a much bigger WHY. My efforts affect the lives of many around me now. My ability to reach a far wider audience is multiplied via the relationships I am developing.

Right now, my job as a leader in the doTERRA business is to help others reach their life goals and that's where much of my energy is being shared in the short term.

Would you like to join me on this journey? 

If your career means SO MUCH MORE than making a buck, if you pride yourself on your integrity, your work ethic and generosity of spirit, reach out.

Whether you're employed full time, a stay at home mum, or a student, it matters not. My job is to help support you through your journey with essentials oils. It's to coach and mentor you as I help you achieve your lifelong dreams. It's to help you build a community of like minded women (and the odd men!). It's to help you change the lives of others in the most incredible ways. It's to help make sure your dreams and aspirations really do come true, as mine are. 

Perhaps you simply want to experience these wondrous oils for yourself? That's ok too. I'd still be your oily coach. You can kick off your journey right now via this post. 

Whatever the case, wherever you are in the world, don't be shy and don't delay. Email me now amy@theholisticingredient.com and together let's change the world. 



September 26 2017

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