Synthetic fragrances and why it's time to say goodbye.

By Amy Crawford

Synthetic fragrances

Last weekend I walked into an open home. In every room of the house there were synthetic reeds with the most offensive, cheap fragrance. I could not get out of the house fast enough - how a vendor could possibly believe cheap synthetic aromas would support the sale of their home I do not know.  That very night I got in an Uber and was immediately repulsed by the stench of a synthetic air freshener, and then the headache started. Later, I jumped in a lift with a man drowning in cologne. And on it goes. 

For the sake of you and your family's health, if not already, please consider taking the step of swapping out toxic products from your home, products such as air fresheners, candles and perfumes, anything with synthetic fragrance in them. And whilst you do this, you will also want to remove all synthetic essential oils. Indeed if you want you (and your home) to smell lovely, why not make sure you are supporting your health at the same time.

Synthetic chemicals in fragrances are most often made from petrochemicals, many of which are known to be very harmful to humans. It is generally best to avoid any product with "Fragrance/Parfum", unless you've researched exactly what's in it.

Fragrance or Parfum is a catch all term many companies use, that can include over 3000 undisclosed chemicals.

You can read much more about the endocrine disrupting chemicals found in many household, personal care and beauty products here, but know this:

"..many have been scientifically proven to be linked to cancer, endocrine/hormonal disease, thyroid function disruption, learning disabilities, asthma, respiratory disease, skin disease, liver damage, brain damage and development problems, immune system damage, male and female reproductive hormone dysfunction, damaged sperm, and fetal development issues.."

Enough said? Well no, what about instantaneous headaches! 

But aren't essential oils from plants, and therefore safe? 

So let's talk about swapping some of this stuff out for essentials oils, though know it's not as clear cut as it may appear.

I understand that up to 95% of essential oil brands on the market are neither 100% pure, nor tested. What this means is that the vast majority of essential oil brands contain synthetic fragrances. The overriding issue here is a lack of regulation in the industry preventing companies from having to fully disclose ingredients lists and enabling them to label as they please. 

At the very least, learn to be a stealth label reader and turn a product around to see what ingredients are in it. If you can't recognise them, it's probably a good sign to ditch it.

Essential oils are naturally derived aromatic compounds extracted and distilled from plants. One of the ways in which we can enjoy them is through the power of a diffuser. Diffusing them sends these compounds into the air offering a myriad of emotional, mental and physical benefits simply through their inhalation. That being said, it is important that you do not diffuse, nor apply topically (nor ingest) any essential oil that is not pure.

Last year put out this article on the power of aroma and whether it might impact the value of a home. Guess what comes out as the top performer, friends?! Citrus essential oil!  

Synthetic fragrances

Photo by Vero Photoart on Unsplash

So what next? 

Swap it all out, every product you can find. If it's less overwhelming for you, use a product up and make a better choice when you replace it.

The only candle I will use in my home is made of beeswax. My perfumes are DIY roller bottles with doTERRA essential oils of choice and a carrier oil. My face serum and body oils are whipped up in 2 minutes, as above. I diffuse essential oils throughout my day according to how I want to feel. Air freshners? Ditched and swapped with a beautiful DIY spray, as with my linen spray.

As I age I will do what I can to stay healthy and well. This includes supporting my hormones and not disrupting them with the dangers that lurk in toxic products. We have far more power over our health than we realise, it's simply a matter of making better choices day to day.

If you're yet to take the next step, please know this, it is immensely empowering to take your health into your own hands, and it is immensely exciting to see and feel the benefits that come.

If you'd like to be supported in swapping out synthetic fragrances from your life, please let me know. Every day I help women make better choices, to select essential oils to support their mental, physical and emotional health and of course to help them and their homes smell divine. We do this with 100% pure and tested grade essential oils from doTERRA, the only oils I trust and will use to support my health and happiness.

If you're ready to dive straight in, jump to this page and follow the steps. 

Next week I'm going to chat about the reason we diffuse and never burn essential oils, a key change in your essential oils use! 

Fragrance photo by Jessica Weiller on Unsplash



September 04 2019


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