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- The Holistic Ingredient.

To grow a business you love, indeed a life you love, takes tenacity,
passion and know-how. It takes guts to see an idea through to fruition.
It takes a willingness and determination to face your fears and do it anyway.

The Holistic Ingredient - Business Coaching.

Turning your passion into a creative business venture is not about any one thing. It’s not just about creating a business plan, financial investment, designing a website, finding and building an audience, marketing, cash flow, SEO or keeping yourself from burning out.

It’s about all of these things bundled up together, and some.

Growing your business is one of the most extraordinarily fulfilling, satisfying and rewarding ventures you’ll ever undertake.

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I am a highly intuitive and entrepreneurial business manager. I’ve built four highly successful businesses spanning 20 years across multiple industries. It is the culmination of my passion, experience and relationships that has propelled The Holistic Ingredient to rapid success.
I want to work with you, to help you do what I’ve done.

Building a business isn’t just about profit. It’s about the challenges you face and overcome that then stimulate and inspire you. It’s about the nourishing relationships you develop along the way. It’s about personal growth, fears faced and conquered. It’s about working with clients who respect your offering and come back for more. It’s about integrity and growing an enviable reputation.

So to help you get there, I’m sharing my creative know-how with you. Let’s discuss a holistic, bespoke approach personalised for your needs.

The 'StartUp' Package.

You’ve got a fab idea, but you need help putting your ideas into action.

Book your one-on-one session with me and receive my ‘Business Starter Checklist’. I’ve done the hard work for you and broken down the startup process into actionable chunks, with handy links to websites and service providers to help you on your way.

  • Find your purpose
  • Refine your message
  • Create and/or refine a business plan
  • Identify your target audience

Startup Package$330 +gst

One x 1.5 hour session

Extra 1 hour session$250 +gst

CTC™ Session
Feeling stuck, anxious or not good
enough to turn your ideas into reality?

10% Discount on CTC™ Session $445 +gst

(normally $495)


The 'Established' Package.

You’re up and running and succeeding, but we can always do more, right?!

Choose 3 of the following 6 topics and let’s work together to take your business to the next level.

  • Marketing: we’ll look at your product, price, placement and promotion
  • Building an authentic voice and a loyal community
  • Building social media profiles
  • Work life balance: let’s get it back on track!
  • Developing revenue streams
  • A topic of your choice

Established Package$750 +gst

Three x 1 hour sessions

CTC™ Session
Do you have fear of public speaking?
Are there money blocks of some kind?
Feeling anxious or overwhelmed?

10% Discount on CTC™ Session $445 +gst

(normally $495)


The 'Ultimate' Holistic Package.

It’s time to immerse yourself and your business in an exciting full day of self and business discovery! This is your opportunity for us to pull out the microscope and do an in-depth analysis on both your personal and business goals.

This inspirational session will include...

  • A full 8 hour face to face day with me
  • An open and frank chat around your mindset and how it may be impacting your personal and business life
  • A life transforming 2 hour CTC™ session to free you of anything holding you and your business back
  • Honing in on your choice of any 3 topics from the 'Established' Package
  • An opportunity to pick my brain on any matter of your choice
  • A beautiful whole food lunch and tasty treats

Ultimate Holistic Package$1,400 +gst

One full day with me, including

2 hour CTC™ Session, lunch and treats