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Inspiration, tools and guidance to revitalise and
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Amy Crawford - The Vitality Revolution

Amy Crawford - The Vitality Revolution

The Vitality Revolution is a members only community designed to shift your mindset, nourish your body and get you moving so you can enjoy more energy, greater purpose and a wonderful zest for life.

If you're a busy mum, an exhausted small business owner or you're simply heading into a new phase of YOU — The Vitality Revolution provides the pathway to a more invigorated and emotionally centred life. Learn how to reclaim your personal power by prioritising self care and the things that matter to you the most.

Each week, I’ll give you all the tools and guidance needed to swap old habits and emotional patterns for new rituals and routines. All you have to do is come along, commit and let me show you the way.

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Praise for the Holistic Ingredient

... I can feel a positive change in my mindset and also in my energy levels. One of my commitments was my food and to eat nourishing meals. This is slowly happening. I don’t feel the need for sugar to give me a boost. I have done a lot more around the house then I normally do, so that is a win for me. All in all, I feel amazing and really looking forward to continuing along this journey." - Michelle, Member

... The last month I have learnt to say No and not feel guilty. I make time for daily walks, less time on social media and planning ahead what I will be eating. I make sure what I eat is good for my mind and body!" - Sue, Member

... I have completed my gratitude journal daily. I am feeling very in tune with myself and I feel I am attracting the things I want to see and feel. For example, my socials seem to be full of things that light me up and things that interest me. This has never happened before." - Jessica, Member

... If I feel myself getting upset or agitated, I have been finding I am letting myself feel it, express it and I'm letting it go. I'm not living in it. I'm not letting it ruin my day. It is liberating. Honestly." - Jessica, Member

... I’m celebrating a return to the practices I know make me feel good and free, physically and mentally, and help me ‘be’ where I am. …Feeling emboldened, stronger and ready to tackle bigger, thornier things that have me feeling stuck at deeper level." - Tori, Member

... The biggest shift is that I’m feeling more calm, content and positive about my life. Quiet thoughts about what I want to achieve are starting to become a bit louder. " - Sally, Member

... Thank you so much for last night’s Zoom talk. Listening to the other amazing beautiful ladies and knowing that I’m not alone in this adventure. I haven’t felt this calm, energetic or myself for a while – so much so that I got off my butt and started getting my flow back.. I feel my vibration brighten. Big thank you!" - Nikki, Member

... Thanks so much for the wonderful zoom call last night Amy. I was left feeling light, tingly and bright! I am so glad I am on this wonderful journey you are providing & love hearing others tell their often very relatable stories - bring on everything that is to come. " - Melissa, Member

... My biggest win so far is that I feel much happier. I find it easier to breathe and get things done. I am also more present during the day." - Cecilia, Member


A little of my own journey...

At 40 years of age, as I recovered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and started to navigate my way back into the world, I came to learn the true meaning of vitality. Week by week, I nursed my life back to a place of THRIVING. That's why I'm calling this a 'revolution' because you’ll feel like you're taking on your health, mindset and emotions in a completely new way. If you're ready for a personal revolution, I'm so happy to show you the way.